U.S. Alcohol Consumption Surges, Why?


Praying for you all! We love you all!

Yesterday on my Facebook page I posted about this (Booze surge) and got attacked on Facebook, One man said “Who are you to judge?” I get that from time to time when I am calling attention to bad Biblical behavior. I am not judging, I am a Pastor, called by God to be a Watchman on the Wall, if I may be so bold to state. It was prophesied over me years ago. I love people, I have given my whole life to serving God and loving people. If Pastors will not call attention to bad Biblical behavior who will? I find that people who shoot back at me and say, “Who are you to judge?” are struggling with their relationship with God and His ways.

I love this quote from Richard Foster:

“All who have walked with God have viewed prayer as the main business of their lives.”

What is your main business?

Years ago, the great Evangelist Kyle Martin of Dallas, Texas told me to read Richard Fostor’s book, “Celebration of Discipline.” I have to tell you it is a game changer, a life changer. Please read it. So many people do not want to be disciplined. So many Pastors fear disciplining people. We must not fear. I do it in the love of Jesus. It hurts me yet when I get attacked bit if I do not speak up, who will? I pray you would! I love Jesus and all people.

As far as booze is concerned, I have ministered too many about their loved one dying of alcoholism and loved ones being killed by a drunk driver, I have ministered too many that have fallen ill to booze composition. I have seen many lives and families ruined by booze. It is a major cause of divorce.

Be careful it does not become a habit.

Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink. Isaiah 5:22

Sharon and I love you all, we want you to love a healthy life in our Lord. How is your walk going with the Lord? How are you getting along with Him?

I pray that if you are at home during this pandemic that you will read all you can about God.

US alcohol consumption surges; companies revamp operations
One way Americans are coping with the new coronavirus

Read in ABC News: https://apple.news/ArGb4Syf1Tu2CPp4ZB15WAg

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