They Didn’t Ask Jesus About His Strength

Thank you Pastor Jude for another awesome message!!! Love to you and Liv!!!

A familiar story in the bible in Mark 4:36-41.. About how Jesus was asleep in the boat while a great storm stirred up and the disciples were in great fear .. But one verse really stands out .. In Mark 4:38 “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” … My thoughts.. They didn’t ask Jesus about his strength , they didn’t even think to ask him if he could calm the storm, but rather they raised doubts about Jesus’ character.. “DO YOU NOT CARE… They asked .. Bottom line .. Fear does this.. Sound familiar ? Fear corrodes our confidence in God.. How many storms in our lifetime have we had that fear make us doubt Gods love for us? Fear makes us question God, we say ” How can God sleep at a time like this? Does he not care? Does he not see what is happening here? We say,” You have us follow you and then you stick us in this? The disciples had all the reasons in the world to trust Jesus, when they saw him heal, cast out demons etc.. And he has given us reason as well.. And yet fear brings forth spiritual blindness and short term memories and we quickly forget Jesus’ track record.. If u remember anything about this story in the bible remember this in Matt8:36″ Jesus got up and gave a command to the wind and the waves, and it became completely calm”. God can turn your typhoon storms of life into a nap time.. He can silence them with a word.. You are just a prayer away of not going under.. Fear may fill our world.. But it doesn’t have to fill our hearts.. Don’t medicate your fear with drugs, alcohol, women, men, just do what Jesus did.. Just grab a pillow and know who’s in charge.. Believe the words when he says” Take courage. I am here”(Matt.14:27). Let God be enough..

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