Team Jesus: Please Pray for Baby Taylor and Kyla


Please pray Team Jesus for the grand babies of our Dear Sister in Christ, Joann Young of Reserve, NM. Joann’s 1-year-old granddaughter Taylor has COVID-19 systems, she was diagnosed with an ear infection that has the same symptoms as COVID. Florida does not test babies for COVID, so Taylor is in quarantine for 14 days. Taylor’s sister, Kyla has pink eye which is very contagious. Please pray for their mother Christina also during this very stressful time.

Please also keep Grandma Joann in your prayers as she would like to be there of course for her daughter and grand babies. I know Joann from FBC in Reserve, she has been such a blessing to us, and the entire community of Reserve.

We pray healing over Taylor and Kyla and we pray for peace and comfort for Christina and Joann, in Jesus name, Amen!

We continue for all during this pandemic.

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