The National Day of Prayer is NOT BEING CANCELED: Many Are Asking What The Options Are Regarding NDP Events


Friend —

The National Day of Prayer is not being canceled or delayed, and with attendance restrictions, many are asking what the options are regarding NDP events.  Whatever you do, please respect gathering restrictions and social spacing. There are several options, with the first being the Live Broadcast of the National Observance on the evening of May 7th.  You can have people view from their living rooms or gather in compliant small groups to view. The broadcast will be accessible on our website, on God TV (check w/ your TV service provider), and possibly Facebook Live.  There will be further details regarding the time and all viewing options in the coming days on the website.

The next option available to you is to have a “Physical” event  – one that follows the gathering guidelines.  An example would be prayer walks in small groups using Prayer Guides to pray for businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, families, military, gov’t offices.

Another option is to broadcast your own event.  There are many options, but we’re only mentioning three because of concern for information overload, and these are widely used and seem to have the fewest obstacles and limitations.  These are simply presented as an option for your consideration.  Please use any method that best fits your needs and desires.  Click on the link below to learn more about each of these broadcast tools.

When you click on this link, you will have access to written instructions and a video for each with helpful tips.  At the bottom of this page is a place to enter questions you may have regarding these tools.  If you wish to speak to someone for assistance, you may call Mark Mirza @ (404) 606-2322 during regular business hours Eastern Time.

Mark has graciously volunteered to assist with this opportunity.  Mark is well versed with each of these tools as he has utilized each of these while assisting the Georgia NDP State Coordinator, David Franklin, and in his own prayer ministry

We hope this has answered some of your questions and provided some options for those creative gifts to flow that so many of you possess.  Thank you for not giving up in the face of adversity but digging your heels in to make sure this day is not forgotten.

If you have additional questions, please contact Mickey Crump (719) 559-9569

To The Glory of God,


Lisa Crump

Vice President of Prayer Mobilization

National Day of Prayer Task Force




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