“I will never be satisfied – apart from God”

Such a wonderful, soothing message from Lynn!! God Bless you Sister, we love you all and we are praying for everybody!
Lynn Stoneking

I know that some of you will be missing out on activities important to you. High School basketball tournaments,
Youth Events, College activities, Senior Year activities, Mission Trips, Vacations, and much more.

I sat in the church pew this Sunday a.m. with my three children, thinking about how the week set before me – when my two olders were going to be in school, and my husband was set to take the youngest with him to see his mother for the whole week – was suddenly Gone.

For me to work un-interrupted during the day.
Something that Never happens.

ALL Activities suddenly altered.

My littles were buzzing about me on either side.
And it was then that my Lenten Message finally came into clear focus:

— “I will never be satisfied – apart from God.” —

There are moments I long for different things: another pair of boots, a break from my family, a break from ‘serving’ my family. A chance to be alone, enjoy personal time; to go window shopping for a bit and think about nothing big.

Yep — I probably sound pretty selfish to you right now.

Many times I believe these things will fill the void in my heart & stave off the longing or tiredness that I’m feeling.

… But they don’t.

I come back home – and everyone is still there.
I come back home – and the same rodeo ensues.
I come back home – Life remains.

The roses, and the rubble….

* Today – I solidified in my being that only 1 thing is able to quench the thirst I feel each day:

My Personal Moments with God.

When I sit in my chair at 5am – before anyone else is awake.
Reading scriptures, words from Christ-followers, thinking about Jesus’ Life and how He lived it.

THESE moments are the most important ones I will have all day.
It’s where I focus on Peace within our home;
It’s where I remind myself about my Self-control;
It’s when I choose to Love – no matter what.
It’s where I become grateful for all I do have.

I can do this Life – because of Christ, who guides and strengthens me.

And in that — I can be Content.

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