Every Promise Fulfilled

God Bless you Pastor Jude for your wonderful message today! We are so very thankful for your ministry! We send our love to you and Liv!
Jude Sisneros

Josh 21:43-45″ So the Lord gave to Israel all the land of which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they took possession of it and dwelt in it. The Lord gave them rest all around, according to all that He had sworn to their fathers. And not a man of all their enemies stood against them; the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hand. Not one of all the Lords good promises to the house of Israel failed; everyone was fulfilled”… My thoughts… Wow !!! Just Wow!! Every promise was fulfilled, every Enemy was handed to them, and they received a time of rest.. Need a season of that in your life today? Boy I know I do!! These days I don’t need to cross the Jordan River, I just need to get through the week!!! But one thing is for sure, We might not be facing Jericho, but at times we may be facing heartaches, rejections, disease, discouragements… Just wondering if we have what it takes to face tomorrow…. My wife and I have some big decisions to make here in the near future, but it is not bigger than God… Sometimes when we feel the challenges is too much, it’s scriptures like this, God’s Word that gets us through.. When u feel Its to hard to keep up, when you run out of fight, when life has a way of taking life out of you… This book of Joshua is made especially for such seasons.. It encourages us to believe our best days are ahead of us… Bottom line.. God has a Promised Land for all of us.. Your walk might of started in Egypt, and dragged you through the wilderness, but it concludes in the Promised Lands.. In your Egypt times you might be a slave, in the wilderness you might be free from slavery, but a slave to fear, but in your Promised Lands you will discovery victory!! Becomes we are a people of promise.. Here’s a blues clue… Our Promised land isn’t always going to be in the physical lands, our real estate is in the spiritual lands.. Where we boast only in Christ, trust only in God, lean only on His power, and enjoy the fruits of increasing faith !!! Oh come on somebody !!! A land where we may stumble and struggle, but our victories will far out number our defeats… Man I needed this today.. When we think that our giants are too big.. When u think the mission is impossible, when your stuck in the desert walking in circles eating yesterday’s stale manna.. You can listen to the voices of the two that came back and reported the mission is not impossible( Num. Chapter 13) or you can listen to the 12 that said the mission is impossible and sit the 40 years in The desert in Gods time out.. The choice is yours.. It might sound miserable, or it might sound familiar.. So which one is it my friends? You might be out of Egypt but is Egypt out of you? Don’t waste you spiritual walk in the worst way.. But spending it in the Land-in- Between.. Get out of Egypt, get out of the wilderness and Get into the Promised Lands already!! I end with this.. You and Your Promised Lands is yours for the taking.. And is Gods vision for your life.. Expect to be challenged, the enemy won’t go down without a fight.. But with great faith expect great progress!! Breakthroughs are around the corner my friends, which will out number your breakdowns!! I know I don’t like wilderness living… How about you? Get ready to inherit your inheritance… Nuff said

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