Do You Have a Awe of God Story? Here is One of Mine! God Speaks Today!


One of the most exciting things about having a close personal relationship with God is..YOU HEAR HIM! YES YOU CAN! I always tell people I want you to get so close to Jesus that you can tell me what flavor of chewing gum He chews!!!! I want you to smell the sweetness of the love of Jesus! I am reading Charles Stanley’s new book, ‘The Will of God’ Please get the book and read it, it will help you get much closer to God! Charles Stanley is 87 years old and still preaching it! Wow! We must pay attention to Godly elders like Dr. Stanley. We can learn much!

As Charles Stanley says, “The Lord doesn’t just want things from you, He wants you.” He also wrote this, “Not only is it imperative that you beleive the Father that communicates with you, but you also must beleive God speaks in a manner you can hear.”

Exod. 3

Gen. 37:5-9

1 Kings 19:12

Josh. 5:14

1 Sam. 9:27

Jonah 1:17

Neh. 8

Rev. 1

Why did the Lord see fit to user so many methods to communicate?  Could it be that the God Who knit us together in our mothers’ wombs knows the best way to get our attention and declare His will to us?



If you have an Awe of God story and you want to share it with us, email it to me.

God Story From Sharon’s Visit to Urgent Care: I will do my best to tell you this Awe of God Story: While I was waiting for Sharon at Urgent Care, a man came in and slowly made his way into the waiting area. A lady had come in minutes before, I did not know at the time it was his wife. He was doubled over in pain as he got to the sitting area. He was groaning. His wife left the room. I went over and asked him if he was okay, he said his stomach area and into his upper chest hurt bad. I prayed for him. I went up to the counter and told the lady that the man may be having a heart attack! The lady said, “His wife said it his his stomach” I told the lady that is how my Dad died, bad pain, told to take mylanta, and then he died later when the Doctor sent him home. David is the mans name and he continued to double over and groan and once again I approached the lady to get him help, to no avail. I approached her and the security guard this time and they gave him more attention. As we were leaving they wheeled him out waiting for an ambulance. Pray for David please. God at work. I prayed over David before we left. All Glory to God and that David will be okay!
God has used me in otter instances to tell men to go to the Hospital asap and then they ended up having heart surgery! Roger Dibble and Dwight A. Brown Dwight A. Brown
It continues to blow me away on how God will use us if we are a willing vessel. We need not be afraid to approach people and help them when God says to move! It is one of the most exciting, experiences you will ever have, being used by God here on earth, being his hands and feet here! Awe of God, I love Him so very much!
That’s my testimony to the greatness of God give your life to Jesus Christ give your whole life to Jesus be guided by Jesus and not yourself or by feelings

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