Thankful for 41 Years in Radio! My Message to America is Put Your Faith in God and Not Politics


Praising God that he has allowed me 41 years in Radio, I have served as an assistant to owners, Been a General Manager, News Director, News Reporter, News Producer, Sports play by play, DJ , sales manager, sales rep, assistant engineer! I am Still doing programs and also act as a consultant and I’m approaching 10 years as a Pastor! FGGAM will be 7 years young in August! PTL! Time is moving fast! God has been so very good to me and Sharon! All Glory to God!!!!

I posted that a few days ago on Facebook, to proclaim the Glory of God…to proclaim that God is a God of miracles! When I was 4 1/2 I had a hip disease, the Doctor told Mom and Dad that I may never walk and run like the other kids. I was lying on the exam table at that time as the Doctor spoke, he would look down on me, Dr. Meredith must have been nearly 7 feet tall, He was a gentle giant. I wore a full leg brace, pictured above, for nearly 1 1/2 years. One leg was shorter than the other. God healed me! I played softball until I was 61…I may return to the ‘field of dreams’ someday!

God has given me so many opportunities to serve Him, I am so very grateful, you see I love HIM deeply and I see an urgency to tell the world about Him. That is why I am up early every morning, anywhere between 1am and 3:30am posting on our website or recording our radio program. God healed me, not once but many times.

I have a burning desire to proclaim the love of Jesus, the TRUTH! The World is operating out of many books of truth, when there is only one TRUTH, that is GOD ALMIGHTY, HIS WORD AND WAYS. You can read about it in the Bible.

I am very concerned about where my country is headed. So many wild, depressing things happening. So many versions of the truth. America has a hostile line between Republicans and Democrats, I am neither. I refuse to be associated with two very dysfunctional political parties. I have been a registered Independent for years.

As you read, the Lord gave me lots of years in the news business and in secular and Christian radio. I know what solid journalism is and I know God’s way. God is now using that on House of Hope Radio and here everyday on our website.

You see America is looking in all the wrong places for answers…it looks to politicians and politics, when it should look at GOD! America has created Political God’s, shame.

Meanwhile the Country is in severe financial trouble because nobody is being a good steward, the Federal deficit is at a record high. The politicians are awful stewards. Their hate for each other, Republicans and Democrats, is resulting in the people’s business not being down, and the country is imploding. You see when you hate and speak of it so much, you become HATE.

Politics is destroying America, digging such a big hole. Can America recover? Return completely to God and His ways.

The next two years are going to very rough, very dark, in America, unless God does a miracle. I pray America returns to HIM. America talks a lot about Revival and returning to God but it does not happen, the hate only gets worse.

My message to America is put your faith in God and not Politics. Tell the truth! To much lying and hate going around on both sides. Time is running out America.

The answer is so very easy, JESUS, but much of America is blinded by its hate.

I am just a small-time Preacher trying to do my best at the work that God has assigned me.

I have the best wife in Sharon that sticks with me as do our children and grand children and dogs. Reno and Daisy are my number one fans next to Sharon and the kids!

Can I ask you something? If you like the work we do here at FGGAM, would you pray about being a donor? Thank you! You can go to our donate page if you wish.

Life Verse for Founding Pastor Dewey Moede:

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” -Acts 20:24


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