Good Morning Beautiful People…Do You Believe Job 22:28? Keep Your Eyes On Maine


Good Morning Beautiful People… Do You Believe Job 22:28? Keep Your Eyes On Maine

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I have been cleaning out a little deeper in my home preparing it to sell. I need it to be ready for when the buyer shows up. Well I am a paper-a-holic. I have way too many papers. I got so excited about this one paper I rediscovered, I carried it with me for a few days. When I read it, I get so excited I can barely stand it. I so have to share it with you all. This is the first part.

Maine Land Of Refreshing (June 18, 2010)  Jacobs Root 52 Torch Pass (Cindy Jacobs)

Maine can make the main thing, the Maine thing. The son will rise with healings in His wings-decree that a healing movement will come out of Maine.

The Lord would say, I am going to cause many miracles to come out of Maine. I see this gate, this ladder in the heavens in Maine, and the Lord says, Don’t you know the angels are ascending and descending, and they are coming, and there are going to be many visitations?, says the Lord. And the Lord say’s, Even as I visited and sent visitations into the Middle East amongst the Muslim people, I am going to visit the Muslim people that are within Maine. There will be a great moving of the Holy Spirit that will affect the whole nation even into Dearborn out of Maine, the Lord says.

And The Lord says, Even if you re-dig the righteous roots of the Republican Party that came with abolitionism, the Lord says, you are going to be able to abolish abortion. And God says, I am going to begin to shift even the Republican Party in Maine from a moderate stand with Olympia Snowe, but I will bring my people into the state. And the Lord says, I have a grass roots movement that is forming, that will shift things in a way that you will almost not be able to believe, says the Lord. For the Lord says, Maine will shift from the middle to a righteous stand and marry righteousness and justice, says the Lord.

What a timely word, what a timely time to rediscover this prophetic word over Maine. Cindy Jacobs, you are an amazing woman of God. Can’t you hear me shouting, Go Maine!

As I drove by Whited Bible Camp the last few days in Bridgewater, Maine and see the rebuilding of the foundation on the Tabernacle, I got so excited. Rebuilding the foundation in the natural represents the spiritual as well. Shout, Shout!

I have sensed that healing rain over Maine for some time. I have sensed the shift, I have sensed an outpouring. I know I attach this song a lot, but I just gotta do it again today. Let’s thank God for the healing rain over Maine and ask for your state as well.


Father, thank you for the healing rain over Maine. Thank you that Maine will take a righteous stand and marry righteousness and justice. Thank you for the angels that are ascending and descending over Maine. Thank you for this great moving of the Holy Spirit that will affect the whole nation.

Thank you that you are neither Democrat or Republican, but you are a lover of people. Thank you for healing our state and your people. We receive the healing rain. Amen

Have a beautiful day, beautiful people. Yes, decree a thing and it will be established. Believe in Job 22:28. As Mr. Emmett would say (my grandson) I sure do!




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