To Those Feeling Discouraged Today……..


Severe drought and wildfires in New Mexico, floods in Texas and Minnesota, including the Windom, Minnesota area, my hometown.

From our Dear, Dear Sister in Christ, Lynn Stoneking of Windom, Minnesota:

To those feeling discouraged today….
• TOO much rain
• Loss of Crop
• Loss of Property
• Flooded Basements
• Loss of Job
• Loss of Love
• Loss of Hope
• Loss of Anything….

I am reminded of my experience at the Ark Encounter this year. Noah built an alter inside of the Ark, where he and his family worshiped.

I am reminded, in my times of distress and heartache and the unknown – to Build an Alter 

For it is there that I can pour out my heart, and give confession, and most importantly – PRAISE the ONE “who has brought me this far!” (2Sam 7:18)

Be Encouraged today – friends!
You Are Not Alone! ????

Photos by Lynn Stoneking 

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