Faith, Silver Linings, Timing, Secret Santa…Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

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Faith, Silver Linings,Timing, Secret Santa… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Good morning beautiful people. This song by Kutless along with the Word of God empowers me to keep believing. I have many favorite songs, but I find myself listening to What Faith Can Do, often.


I remember going through a difficult patch in the road and believing God would see me through. I couldn’t see my way out of a web that entangled me. I would listen to this song every morning during this time, now it is four years later. I would sing it and pray scriptures on faith over my life. Though I had many tears, God Himself revealed how close He really was. He brought me out and allowed the dreams He placed in my life to be a step closer. I wanted to share this writing once again and encourage you to stay focused. Faith in Christ will bring you through. He is the most faithful friend you will ever know. 

Good Morning Beautiful People

Do You Believe in Secret Santa?

By: Angel L. Murchison (2013)

I must say I do. Christmas is the most wonderful time of year; it truly is, especially as a Christian. It has a meaning so rich in my heart that each day I pray, “Lord, draw souls unto Yourself.”

I love my journey with Jesus. This past year my journey has been tough. The road has been hard, and the emotional pain at times seemed more than I could bear. All I could do was put my trust in the man Whom laid his life down for me, and hold on to see what He would do and where He would show himself strong.

One day at work we were asked if we wanted to draw a name for secret Santa and I decided to participate. We were to buy an inexpensive gift each week for three weeks, and then with a fourth gift disclosing who we were. Being me, I prayed for the name I drew as my secret Santa, because I believe in the power of prayer. Each week I left trinkets and tokens to encourage my person, but couldn’t find words to write a note as this trial seemed to have dried up the words in me. The writer I thought I was now seemed so far away.

Week one came and I found a beautiful Christmas cactus on my desk with words on a card that made me weep. Week two came and another touching note in addition to an angel holding a star ornament. I thought, “It’s clear, it’s dimensional and the cut is precise. It will hang beautifully on my tree.”

The days were passing and the trial seemed endless. I could see no way of escape. I prayed, I cried, I looked for God everywhere. I so needed to see Him working on my behalf. It seemed my encouragement was coming these days from my secret Santa.

Week three on my journey was very tough. I had an appointment early that Friday morning in December. A day I will never forget. To help me remember, the thirteen mile drive to the next town was the snowy, cold day it was and my car window wouldn’t go up. My neighbor who could be a source of help was gone, my sister lives a few towns away and I only had enough time for the drive. My choices seemed limited so I decided to drive with my window down. I arrived on time but I must say it was cold, and the wind had done quite a number on my hair. I guess it would be safe to say it was a bad hair day.

The meeting went fairly well–an end to some hard times behind me. I stopped at Beaulieu’s garage, and with a new window motor I was destined for a much warmer ride. When I arrived at my office I began to work right away. After a client, I went to make some copies and found a gift bag from my secret Santa on my office door. The words were few this day but a candle with a Santa topper was in this bag. I pondered a lot that afternoon with thoughts of whom my secret Santa could be, why they had waited till Friday, and I thought a lot about the timing of the gift. The cold drive, the hard day, the Santa candle, hmm.

Now it was time to share a potluck luncheon with Mrs. Claus and find out who my Santa really is. Enclosed in a well-wrapped box was a votive candle holder with timed candle surrounded by the most beautiful wintery scenes etched with a silver lining around the top. It was beautiful and I discovered the person that had drawn my name. She was not in attendance when I opened the gift, but later that afternoon came with another one. She said it was to accompany a previous gift. I opened it to discover another clear angel ornament holding a little bird. I thanked her and I shared a few nervous words with her as her title is at a much higher level than mine.

The next morning, Friday once again, I awoke and prepared for work. I was listening to my favorite song What Faith Can Do by Kutless. I sang along with the words I knew. I went in my office to look at my collection once again. I began to weep a bit. The little bird on the angel ornament–that’s what my spirit feels like. Free, yes, free. Somehow, I missed seeing the little bird when I opened it the day before.

So here I was singing a song about rising up, being strong, faith, silver linings, and being free. Nothing is impossible when you have faith in God! Keep believing for a better life. God can make all things new. Even broken hearts can be restored with faith in God. That’s what faith can do, I know. God was giving me symbols of all this through my secret Santa.

I am mesmerized in awe of the God I serve. I am speechless, but I can write once again. Now that’s a switch. The beautiful silver-lining around the Christmas votive candle holder, the timed candle (God has a timing for everything), the angel ornaments, the Christmas cactus– He was using my secret Santa to bless me. Yes, I do believe in secret Santa, I surely do.

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Merry Christmas!

Here’s my prayer for us today:

Father, thank You for the greatest gift we have ever received, Jesus. Thank You for all Your blessings. May we be a blessing to others. God, would You help each of the readers across this globe today to find the silver lining. They are not hopeless, You are their hope. God, I pray a Merry Christmas for every reader today. Thank you for their silver linings. Help us all to be that secret Santa to someone losing hope today. Use us to be a bright light and help others be set free. Bind up the broken hearted–silent prayers, God, I know You hear. Lord, help us all to trust in Your timing. That’s what faith in You is all about. Look what faith can do, Oh look what faith can do.

Ps 34:19 The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time. NLT

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