Do You Really Believe Mark 9:23? Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Do You Really Believe Mark 9:23?

Everything Is Possible for one who believes.

Isn’t it funny how full of faith we all can be one minute and then wavering the next? God said not to be double minded in James 1:8. He said to pray, believe and receive in Mark 11:24.

Today, what do you have need of? More than anything you need a personal relationship with the man that created you. He said He would provide and He does. Can you believe? Let’s pray..

Father, thank you for every reader across this globe today. God you are our provider. I lift  every person reading this post up to you and we join our faith together. Whatever they have need of Lord, you have the answer. You are their provider. Lord we believe Mark 9:23. Yes, yes we do.

I pray today Lord, we will seize the moment to be a blessings to someone. Thank you for the opportunity to show Your love to a hurting world. Use us God to help strengthen someone else that may be wavering in faith. May they gain strength from Your Word today and believe.

All things are possible only Believe. (Mark 9:23)  We BELIEVE….


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