How Do We Save our America? Thomas Jefferson’s Final Words


Thomas JeffersonThere is no doubt – no argument – we are in hard times. Now, are these the hardest times ever? No, but they are hard. There are fewer jobs, there is less money, our nation’s economy is uncertain and unstable. And all of these factors, these very real circumstances, are causing us to have doubts and fear and troubles. Many are asking, “What do we do – what can we do?”

Perhaps the greatest communicator in the history of our nation was Thomas Jefferson. Interestingly enough, those who knew him said that he was a man of few words. In fact, Jefferson himself said that the biggest mistake a person could make was to say two words, when they could have been said what was needed with just one – Jefferson did not waste words. So, when this great communicator, Thomas Jefferson spoke, people knew that it was well thought out – and worth hearing.

In February of 1825, Thomas Jefferson, by then an old man of almost 80 years, he was asked to compose a letter for a young boy who had been named after him, so that when the young boy was old enough to appreciate the letter it would be given to him. The young boy’s father asked Jefferson if he would make the letter words of practical advice so that the boy could learn from Jefferson’s great wisdom, and it is said that this may have been some of Thomas Jefferson’s final written words before his death, so they had to be good.This is some of what Thomas Jefferson’s letter said:

“This letter will, to you, be as one from the dead. The writer will be in the grave before you can weigh its counsels. Your excellent father has requested that I would address to you something which might possibly have a favorable influence on the course of life you have to run, and I too, as a namesake, feel an interest in that course.”
And then Thomas Jefferson gave these eight steps to a good and meaningful and rich life. I will save his most important step for last.
Number 2 – Reverence and cherish your parents.
Number 3 – Love your neighbors as yourself.
Number 4 – Love your country more than yourself.
Number 5 – Be just.
Number 6 – Be true.
Number 7 – Murmur not at the ways of Providence. (in other words, don’t complain)

Now each of these was sound advice for that young boy, and certainly great advice for us today. But, what was his number 1 advice? What did Thomas Jefferson consider to be the single most important thing to be done to best assure a good and meaningful and rich life?
Number 1 – Adore God. Not just obey Him, serve Him, and love Him – “Adore Him.”
What must our part in our nation, America, today? What must we do to help make and keep our great nation, America, great?
Work hard – sure.
be responsible for ourselves and our family – absolutely.
But first, above all other things, put God back in His rightful place as the true Father of our nation – and adore Him.
Do you adore God?

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