Many Veterans Are Dying While Waiting For Care



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Hillary Makes History

Well, she finally did it. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major political party.

Clinton carried four of six states up for grabs last night, including California. Polls had shown the California race was essentially tied. But when the votes were counted, it wasn’t close. Clinton won the Golden State by 13 points — 56% to 43%.

Clinton also won New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. Sanders claimed victories in Montana and North Dakota.

With her victories last night, Clinton’s delegate count surged to 2,755 — well beyond the 2,382 needed to win. It’s worth noting, however, that she has only 2,184 pledged delegates won through the primary process. Superdelegates, who can change their minds until the ballots are cast at the convention, are the ones putting her over the top.

By the way, Donald Trump made history last night too. In the course of this primary contest, Trump shattered the record for the most votes won by a candidate seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

Looking Ahead

Barring some unpredictable development, the November election will be a choice between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson and perhaps a center-right spoiler candidate in some states.

A new NBC News tracking poll finds Clinton leading Trump 48% to 44%. But when you factor in third-party candidates, the dynamics change significantly.

Offering voters the choice of Libertarian and Green Party candidates results in Trump leading with 40%, Clinton at 39%, Libertarian Johnson at 9% and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 4%. If voters are given a generic choice of “Other,” the results are Trump 39%, Clinton 36% and “Other” 22%.

There is talk of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) being the spoiler candidate. As you may know, Graham first adamantly opposed Trump. Then he seemingly came to grips with Trump as the GOP nominee, but is now withdrawing his support.

Pro-Life Victory

Pro-life conservatives are celebrating the results in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District, where Rep. George Holding handily defeated Rep. Renee Ellmers.

Ellmers came to Washington in the 2010 Tea Party wave with the perception that she would be a stalwart conservative. But in 2012, she opposed North Carolina’s marriage amendment. It passed with 61% of the vote.

On the eve of last year’s March for Life, Ellmers torpedoed a vote on legislation banning late-term abortions. Her actions tremendously embarrassed House Republicans and demoralized the pro-life movement, especially rank-and-file activists who were at the March.

Court-ordered redistricting this year scrambled North Carolina’s congressional map and set up the member vs. member primary. Holding won with 53% to Ellmers’ 24%. In fact, she almost finished third. Dr. Greg Brannon, another candidate in the primary, took 23%.

Government Gone Wild

As we all know, the Department of Veterans Affairs has lots of problems. For example, thousands of living vets can’t get healthcare because the VA has decided they are dead. Sadly, many veterans are dying while waiting for care.

Apparently, the VA has more important issues to deal with, like fundamentally transforming the notion of veterans’ healthcare itself. As today’s Washington Post declares: “VA Considers Gender-Confirming Surgery For Veterans.”

Perhaps you, like me, learned a new politically correct term today. If you’re wondering what gender-confirming surgery is, it used to be called a sex change.

Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee is outraged and demanding answers. “In my more than five years as House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs chairman . . . not once has anyone raised this issue as a pressing need,” Miller said.

“That’s why I’m calling on [VA Secretary Bob McDonald] to publicly explain why the VA should be in the business of performing sex-reassignment operations . . . when the department is struggling to provide even the most basic services to veterans,” Miller added.

I applaud Rep. Miller for calling out the administration’s misplaced priorities and abuse of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Here is more encouraging news: I told you yesterday that a school district in Michigan had paused its implementation of Obama’s bathroom order.

Now a school district in Virginia is also fighting back, appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop this outrageous abuse of executive power.

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