God’s Vision For The Church


It is critical that we think about where the church is headed and compare
Dewey HUBad 970X90Dewey Head shot preachingthat with where God wants it to go. Keep in mind, that when the bible references “THE CHURCH”, it is speaking about PEOPLE, not a building! Therefore, it’s important for each of us to consider our own personal, spiritual condition as we think about the collective group of people known as “THE CHURCH”. The church is a living organism that was designed and implemented by God to continue his work on earth after Jesus ascended back to heaven. That’s why it was called “Ekklesia” in the Greek language of the NT. That word means “The Called-Out Ones”. It has everything to do with people and nothing to do with a building. There was never any mention of an “Ekklesia” or “Church” prior to the time when Jesus was taken back to Heaven. There were Temples and Tabernacles but they were not the same thing.

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