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We share today as to what God is doing in the ministries of FGGAM and The HUB of New Mexico, God putting two ministries together creating DYNAMITE for GOD! This morning we also talk about God’s vision for the church! Keep in mind, that when the bible references “THE CHURCH”, it is speaking about PEOPLE, not a building! Has Facebook become the new church of America? Is Facebook the number one gathering place for America? Are Americans aware of the hell going on in Egypt, Israel, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and other places? Is America aware that the ISIS has chemical weapons? All this is going on as the Presidential circus continues.

Join us now and listenNewsmaker to today’s program please, and also pray for Laura as she speaks tonight at “The Real Sex Week” at UNM.

“The Real Sex Week” schedule is below:

What comes after abortion? A Talk from Surrendered HeartsThursday March 10th at 7 PM
Have you or someone you know had an abortion? Surrendered Hearts Ministry will be here to give a talk on how you can be supported, and/or support those in your life. Surrendered hearts in a non-profit organization with the mission of serving women – and their families – who have been through the trauma of an abortion. Laura Rosecrans will be here to share her experience and journey towards healing, as well as offering resources and information on connecting you to healing retreats, finding community support, and give practical resources for being there for those in your life who may come to you for support. This is a non-judgmental, non-shaming environment, aimed at supporting women. We do hope to see you there:)


Self-Defense Training For Women With MMA Fighter, Jesonna OllisFriday March 11th at 6 PM
The Real Sex Week is offering a FREE self-defense training to all women! MMA Fighter, Jesonna Ollis and trainer, Greg Mundth will be giving a FREE two hour-long workshop on how women can protect themselves on and off campus. We will be discussing the mental and physical techniques behind defending ourselves and demanding respect as women! Meet organizations like Jackson Academy Gym, UFC Gym, and Lobo Respect.


Abbas Refuses to Condemn Terrorist Attacks

US Vice President Joe Biden was hosted by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Wednesday following his meetings with Israeli officials earlier in the day. Abbas told his guest how sorry he was to hear about the murder of a US citizen by a Palestinian terrorist on Tuesday but didn’t condemn the attack or refute an earlier statement by the PA lauding it. “The continued Israeli dictates, settlements and occupation are the reason behind the violence and bloodshed,” Abbas said.
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YAHOO NEWS: U.S. special forces captured the head of the Islamic State unit trying to develop chemical weapons in a raid last month in northern Iraq, two senior Iraqi intelligence officials told the Associated Press, the first known major success of Washington’s more aggressive policy of pursuing ISIS militants on the ground. The Obama administration launched the new strategy in December. More Here


IS Operative Says Group Preparing Chemical Attacks

Reports emerged Thursday that an operative of the Islamic State (IS) terror militia recently captured by the US military has revealed that the group is planning to use chemical weapons against its many enemies in Syria and Iraq. Sporadic reports indicate IS has already used crudely weaponized toxins in the conflict but the Baghdad regime claims they don’t have access to more sophisticated materials. Elsewhere, a senior US commander told a Senate committee Wednesday that IS has suffered heavy losses in recent fighting but so have Western-backed rebel factions opposing them.

Hamas’ Terrorism in Egypt
Yoni Ben Menachem, JCPA

Egypt has officially accused Hamas of training the terror operatives who assassinated Egyptian Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat last year. Hamas now fears that Egypt will declare the movement a terror organization and torpedo Turkey’s efforts to ease the blockade of Gaza.
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Iranian Generals Make Fiery Threats Amidst Missile Tests

A senior officer in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) boasted on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program will not be discontinued “under any circumstances” and the IRGC is uninterested in arguments that it violates UN resolutions. Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh added that Iran’s missiles are ready to fire at a moment’s notice and that “Israel is our enemy and we don’t trust US officials.”
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