Pastor Bill Ruhl, Vice Chairman here at FGGAM: Time to pray Church. So much of the world is spiraling out of control. There is no understanding for all that is going on, except an onslaught of evil unleashed in every culture. Perilous times. Armor up and pray!

Wise words from Pastor Bill.

I don’t hear mention of 4-year-old Lilly Garcia anymore in Albuquerque. Have we already forgotten her? Lilly was shot to death by a thug in a road rage incident in Albuquerque in October. I do not hear anyone mention the death of Rio Rancho, NM Police Officer Gregg Benner anymore. Officer Benner was killed this past summer by a thug. How can we forget so quickly? My heartaches at all this killing and all the babies killed by abortions in New Mexico. My heartaches over the news of the execution of a 9-year-old boy in Chicago. I just don’t think much of America values life anymore.

Drugs and suicide are also a huge problem in New Mexico and Chicago. This week I had two men, both in their late 20’s ask me for help in kicking the habit. They want Jesus, not drugs. Where is the Body of Christ in this? Do you welcome drug addicts into your Church? Do you welcome those who have not bathed in weeks? Do you welcome the homeless into your Church?

Here are some thoughts as I prayed this morning………..

From Albuquerque New Mexico and Chicago Illinois: More blood was shed in Albuquerque in October, the shooting deaths of 4-year-old Lilly Garcia in a road rage incident and the shooting death of Police Officer Daniel Webster by a boomerang thug. Abortion also killed many babies in Albuquerque, the late-term abortion capital in America. Most leaders in New Mexico remain silent on the killing of babies. Now in Chicago where murder is out of control,   9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was executed. He was targeted because of his father’s gang ties, lured into a South Side alley Monday afternoon and executed, Chicago police officials said Thursday.

Sanctity of life is dying in Albuquerque and Chicago and in most of America. America, look in the mirror, what do you see? Look beyond your nose!

Keep in mind Albuquerque and Chicago, that past behavior is an excellent indicator of future behavior, nothing is going to change unless people give their lives to Jesus, then miracles will happen. Don’t let all this “nothing noise” by the politicians fool you, they are not the answer, Jesus Christ is. All the laws, on top of present laws will not change a thing, only Jesus Christ.

What are you and your Church doing to stop the culture of death?

News and Views-Dewey

Speaking at the edge of the Gresham alley where Tyshawn was shot multiple times, Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy called the slaying “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime” he had seen in his 35 years in law enforcement.

McCarthy said police believe Tyshawn was killed because of his father’s gang ties and a recent series of shootings between rival gangs.


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