Peyton’s Miracle!


Pastor Dewey, I would
like to thank everyone for your prayers. Some time back I had asked for prayers
for my nephew Peyton. Last month Peyton had surgery in Lubbock, Texas to remove
a mass from one of his kidneys. The Dr’s told his mom and dad that they weren’t sure
whether that one kidney was going to function normally. Yesterday Peyton went
back to Lubbock for a check-up. The Dr told his mom that she’s not suregreatestallmiracles what happened
or how it happened but Peyton’s kidney is almost normal. Praise God!! Thank you
to everyone at FGGAM. This is such an amazing ministry. God richly bless
everyone connected with this ministry.

Lucy Gomez in Midland, Texas

Dear Lucy, We will continue to pray for Peyton and all of you!We PRAISE GOD FOR THIS REPORT! In Jesus name, Amen!

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