Just How Important Was God?


Patrick Henry

There are some in America today who don’t want God only out of our schools and government buildings; they want Him gone from our nation completely.  So question,

“Just how important was God to our Founding Fathers?”

Let’s take a look at the words of one of our most outspoken revolutionary leaders, Patrick Henry. You may not know his name but you certainly know his famous speech in which he declared, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” That was quite a bold statement for a man living in a community full of British soldiers. How could he be so bold?

Well, in that speech, just a few sentences before, Henry had said this,

“We shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God who presides over the destiny of nations who will raise friends up to fight our battles for us.”

You see, to win the war and their independence, our Founding Fathers knew that they must have God to help them – and He did!

 What do we need in our America today?

To fall on our knees asking,

no, not just asking, begging God to help us!

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