The Pope and an Unjust Socio-Economic System


Pope Francis has declared that the current refugee crisis in Europe is being caused by a “bad, unjust” socio-economic system that worships “the god of money.” While there is some truth in what he said, the pope is actually condemning the very system he advocates.

At a minimum Pope Francis holds to socialism and environmentalism instead of a truly biblical worldview on economics and man’s obligation as caretaker of the creation that the Creator entrusted to mankind. Like many who claim a Christian faith, the pope fails to understand the satanic and idolatrous nature of his worldview.

This is the tip of the iceberg. We see these refugees, these poor people who are escaping from war, escaping from hunger, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. But underlying that is the cause, and the cause is a socio-economic system that is bad, unjust, because within an economic system, within everything, within the world, speaking of the ecological problem, within the socio-economic society, in politics, the person always has to be the center. And today’s dominant economic system has removed the person from the center, and at the center is the god of money. It’s the fashionable god today. I mean, there are statistics. I don’t remember very well, but — this is not exact and I could be making a mistake— 17% of the population has 80% of the wealth.” -Pope Francis

Socialism and it’s big brother communism control most of the countries of the world including the Islamic countries the refugees are fleeing and even the United States. These variants of Marxism steal wealth from the people who work and build and concentrate it among the ruling class who desire more power and love money.

While they claim to have the needs of the poor and hungry in mind they actually enslave the everyday human being. A biblical worldview holds human dignity in high esteem and asks that a person work with their hands in order to have what they need and then give to the poor.

Islamic countries are more in agreement with Marxism because they share the same author. Islam demands submission of will and wealth to the state, because Islam is more than a religion it is the government too.

Notice again that the ruling class has the greatest concentration of wealth not the business owners and that the extreme poverty of the average Muslim is what drives the exodus to Europe along with Koranic injunction to advance Islam.

Have you ever wondered why this current pope is in agreement with President Obama, socialist Europe and Islam? It is because they have more in common than not, it is because they all share the same father of their ideology, Satan.
This also is true with environmentalism and global warming, the pope blames the wealthy of this world especially the United States for the plight of the poor polar bear.

“Today, the world is at war, is at war against itself. That is, the world is at war — as I say — a war in parts, piecemeal. But it is also at war against the earth, because it’s destroying the earth, that is, our common home. The environment, the glaciers are melting. In the Arctic, the polar bear goes increasingly northward to survive.” -Pope Francis

The pope claims this even as the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, showing the Arctic ice mass, as of Sept. 7, is substantially bigger than it was in September 2012.

In the last few winters, Cairo saw its first snow in 100 years. And Oregon, like several other states, reached its coldest temperature in 40 years. Chicago saw the coldest days ever recorded, and – as if to add finality to the trend – Antarctica reached the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth.

Sadly, this false religion is only another attempt to bring the world’s governments under a central control in the name of saving the planet. The pope even went so far as to blame the mass exodus of humanity living in shanty towns on deforestation.

“Why are ‘favelas’ (shantytowns) formed in big cities?” It’s the people who come from the country because they have been deforested. They have made a mono-cultivation. They have no work, and they go to big cities.” -Pope Francis

Never mind that these same countries suffer the ravages of socialism and corrupt dictators instead of the freedom afforded living by a biblical worldview that allows people a robust economy to thrive where they work and build an infrastructure.

These same ideologies are what give the United States it’s current lack luster and soon to bust economy. As we abandon the very principles that made America the great economy that lifted the world economy we are seeing the result of embracing what the president and the pope advocate, managed poverty.


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