From My Heart Podcast: Who is the Holy Spirit?


It has been a very busy time here at FGGAM, so many folks are struggling with finances, divorce, separation, alcohol, drugs, no job, anger, hate, anxiety and I could go on and on. If you lose your temper you lose. This morning I want to share with you. For years with my Bible I have studied the Holy Spirit, I also have read one of the greatest books ever written on the Holy Spirit by Dr. Charles Stanley, who in my mind is one of the greatest Bible teachers God ever put here on earth! I would encourage you to read it, “Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit enlightens and renews the mind to understand truth and apply it in our daily lives. Please now, listen to my podcast. Love to you all! Charles Stanlery Power of the Holy SpiritDeweys Message from the HeartDewey on abortion

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