‘Commission on the Status of Women’ is our subject on “The World We Live In” Monday at 12:05 on KDAZ


Our subject on this weeks edition of “The World We Live In” on KDAZ AM730 will be on the ‘Commission on the Status ofAngel Murcheson June 2007 Women’ that was recently held at the United Nations. Christian leader and radio host Angel Murchison of Maine was invited to be there. Angel will give us a first hand look at what took place. You will be alarmed at what is going on in the world, the assault on women and life is greater than ever. We are blessed to have Angel as a writer here at FGGAM. Tune in Monday at 12:05pm mt to KDAZ AM730 or listen right here from our website by clicking on the KDAZ banner!

PS.would you pray with us……The Lord just this week put on my heart to make plans for a FGGAM Conference here in Albuquerque, for His glory, bringing in people like Angel and other FGGAM writers that live throughout America. The Lord has shown me to gather people for His glory, to proclaim His greatness and love to all! Please pray for us as we go about our days in being led by the Lord on this…….Love to all!

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