The Voters of Israel Speak and Passover and the Church

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The Voters of Israel Speak! 
This week, Israeli voters went to the polls to elect a new government. It was a hard-fought campaign, with lots of drama and heated debate over the nation’s future. But the results are now in and it is time to determine the winners and losers and also-rans. Polls showed an extremely close race between incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud and his main rival on the left, Isaac Herzog of Labor. Surveys in the last weeks of the campaign revealed that most Israelis were ready for a change in leadership, yet they also still considered Netanyahu best suited to be prime minister. So what was the verdict of the Israeli voters on Tuesday? Will Netanyahu be able to return as prime minister? What sort of government will we see? And who were the real winners and losers in the Israeli elections of 2015? The Voters of Israel Speak! That’s our focus this week here on Front Page Jerusalem. We’ll have the results of Tuesday’s elections in Israel and an initial analysis of who came out on top, and what it could mean for the nation in the months ahead.

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Israeli voters went to the polls this week and on today’s program we’re taking a look at the results and who will likely be in the next government. Will we see Benjamin Netanyahu return as Israel’s prime minister? Let’s go over to Jerusalem where our Front Page news team of senior producer David Parsons and reporter Aaron Hecht are standing by with the fallout from this week’s elections in Israel.

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The Passover holiday is just around the corner and in our next segment, we’ll hear about the Christian Embassy’s efforts to help needy Jewish families in Israel to celebrate this important biblical festival. So how can Christians like you help?

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Passover and the Church!
In early April, the Jewish people in Israel and all around the world will begin celebrating the Passover holiday. This is a major biblical festival based on the story of the great Exodus of Israel from bondage in Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land. It is centered around the Pessach seder meal, when Jewish families worldwide come together to eat unleavened bread and recall their hasty flight into the Wilderness. Now Christians will also soon be observing Easter, which is based on the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross as our Passover lamb. Many Christians know there is a close connection between Passover and Easter. But there are so many rich parallels and insights between the two holidays that are often overlooked. So just what are the links between the Passover celebration and the Christian holiday of Easter? How did the early followers of Jesus mark Passover in the New Testament? How do Jews keep the Passover today? And what can Christians learn from these Jewish traditions?Passover and the Church! That’s our focus next week here on Front Page Jerusalem. We’ll have a look at the meaning and relevance of Passover for Christians today and its parallels with Easter. Our special teaching will come fromDr. Juergen Buehler, the Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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