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It being February the month that we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think about my very first writing. I just had to bring it out and share it once again.  I remember the day I wrote this, I was working in the next town north and was on my lunch. I had been working through issues in my life and so loved God and his Word. I had just read a few verses when I  took out a piece of paper and began to write and this is what I penned. 

                        My Father’s Love

Oh Father your love for me is so hard to comprehend.

You died for me when I was yet a sinner.

Love you had no boundaries, you took my sin and made me whole again.

Such love, the love of my Father.

When I chose the path of the evil one, you loved me and led me to your path again.

Such Love, the love of my Father.

When I cried because of all the pain, you healed the pain and removed my shame.

Oh such love.

Where others wounded me, you bound up my wounds and filled me with joy.

Such love, the love of my Father.

When I needed guidance, you left me your word and your Holy Spirit.

Such love, the love of my father.

Whatever the future holds for me is in your hands for your love has made me whole.

My Father you say in your Word that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.

That’s my future because of the love of my Father.

That day I began to grasp the love God had for me and for mankind. I knew it was beyond my own comprehension. I knew it was a supernatural love that would take further searching of His Word. Then the next step became apparent.  I had to Believe this. We read a lot of things, but we don’t actually believe what we read (or at least I don’t). The Bible is one book we can truly Believe. Sometimes, I need to read scripture over and over, speak it, write it and declare it before I can get my mind to Believe it. However you need to get scripture hidden in your heart and your mind to Believe it-do it. Even if it’s seems odd at first, It’s important to read and Believe the Word of God.

Do you Receive God’s love? It’s the most amazing love you will ever know. People stop loving us, people withhold their love from us, punish us from receiving love that should be ours in relationships, but never God. Take a fresh look at his love for you today. Let February 2015 be the year you Receive a deeper revelation of his love.

Child of God, he loves you. Can you Believe it and Receive It?







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