We’re Not Changing Bait, We’re Changing Waters!


It’s all about Jesus. The mission statement of For God’s Glory Alone Ministry (FGGAM) is “Bringing the light of Jesus to the world one person at a time.” That’s John 3:16 in a nutshell, is it not?
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
growth of FGGAM.orgThe “whosoever” is the one and I was that “one” in 1996 when I heard the glorious gospel and it penetrated my soul, creating a brand new Shari Johnson in Christ Jesus and transformed from a sinner to a saint who’s a sinner. Saved by grace that I need every single day, along with the encouragement of God that I receive from faithful evangelists like Dewey Moede.
Christ has never changed, but the methods of His evangelists has had a massive transformation. We’ve had to adapt to a changing world, where the “one” is located; and this may or may not be in a church on Sunday morning (the odds are against it). So if are to reach a Hell bound world for Christ who refuse to set foot in a church, we have to go to where they are. God said if we’d catch them, He’d clean them. (Mark 1:17) But you won’t catch fish without going to the water, and you won’t catch many sinners unless you go to where they are.
Hello cyberspace!
The ministry of FGGAM is a tool for the cause of Christ. It’s not that we want new Christians to get saved and tune into FGGAM every Sunday morning. FGGAM is the bait that catches the child of God and then it becomes the tool for a child of God to edify their soul and stay faithful. Dewey Moede has been just that in my life. His encouragement through news, devotions, preaching and teaching the Word of God keep me focused on my purpose in life – To share the gospel of Jesus Christ!
I encourage you to pray about supporting FGGAM with your financial support. Through Dewey’s love of Christ and outstanding leadership this ministry has grown in viewership and is becoming the light that was envisioned when the project began. But just as any other ministry it has to have support to continue growth.
Please support this ministry by:
• Sharing the posts through social media, email, etc.
• Telling others about it and
• Blessing them as the Lord has blessed you.

Dewey Moede of FGGAM on Spectrum TV ShowFGGAM is going places that we aren’t often afforded the opportunities to travel to. By partnering with this ministry that line may be longer than you think when you get to Heaven and discover how many people you’ve presented the gospel to and you’ve never even met!

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Be Bold!!!

Shari Johnson

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