Pakistani Children Murdered


I have such a broken heart to read, think, feel about the terror visited on so many children in Pakistan in the last hours. HERE there are complains about headaPakistani Mothers Cryches, consequences of bad choices, not enough money, but think for a moment your child slaughtered by those possessed by the enemy of us all. If your children are in school today or daycare, entertain the thought only for a moment of their teacher being burned alive and they were forced to watch.  May God comfort those parents of children whose heads were cut off and may we, safe in our homes in front of computers or tablets in hand, give thanks to God for His Mercy toward us!!!

I posted this above on Facebook and one of my long time VERY right-on friends commented, “How many more innocents must die before the world will wake up and realize how evil Islam truly is?” .  Thank you, Harold!  There is so much compromise today, this day, this very day, people tiptoeing around even saying, “Merry Christmas”.  Goodness, let’s just be so inclusive and say “Happy Holidays”.  NO!  Why do we even have “holiday” this time of year?  The momentous birth of the Son of God came into the world, one starry cold night in Bethlehem.  No one really knows what the date was, but God Himself at this point in history.  So a date was selected, personally, I try to give thanks every day for the birth of Messiah.  In particular this time of year, December, trees are put up, presents are purchased, families gather, churches have programs and we celebrate that great offense to the enemy, God coming to earth, shattering his dominion.

Now the enemy is still offended and what greater joy could he have than seeing the heads cut off of little children who are of families that profess Christ.  Even as Herod years ago took to slaughtering any boy under the age of two.  Can you still hear the wails of the mothers and fathers for this massacre?  Nothing has changed when it comes to method, but surely in this nice society we have in North America  you can do something to express your outrage!   Cry to God for His Justice to be swift!  God Bless YOU today and each one ahead.  His servant, your sister, s.e.

The story broke early this morning:


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