Beyond the Natural


People in airportJohn 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

Revelation 2:7a He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to God’s people. I believe He is always speaking truths to us and the ones that stop and listen will hear the same thing. Case in point: When I read pastor Dewey’s post on obeying the leadings of the Spirit of God, I laughed out loud because Holy Spirit has been bringing to my remembrance some of the times He worked through others we know and Ron and I. Then, I got Bruce Marchiano’s (He was the happy Jesus in The Visual Bible’s Matthew and Acts and has acted in many inspirational movies.) news letter and he shared something he had heard a pastor say which really went straight to my heart. He said, “There are souls attached to our obedience.” Hence, my choice of picture.

For this post, I am going to share some supernatural events in ours and other’s walks to encourage you to trust that you do hear His voice and that when He inspires you or tells you to do something or pray for someone, that there is a reason and He wants you to participate with Him beyond the natural realm. That should be normal for His kids.

When Ron accepted Christ, he was stationed in South Korea. For weeks he couldn’t find anyone that new the Creator of the universe. He went to every Bible study, church service, anywhere just to find someone that knew Him. He was at a men’s Bible study, sitting alone and rejected when he began to cry. Up walks this guy, his now BFF, Don. He says, “Hi! I’m Don!” After that, they were inseparable. Don was a mature Christian who knew who he was in Christ and he taught Ron, laid hands on him to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, water baptized him and just plain loved on him! Don gave Ron some tapes from Pastor Jann Butler in Washington State and these teachings helped him to grow in the Lord tremendously. Ron’s heart was to go there and thank him personally. On his way to the states, the aircraft Ron was on blew an engine and had to stop, yes, in Washington at McChord Air Force Base! Donna, Don’s wife picked Ron up and said, “I’m off to church, wanna go?”   Well, it was Pastor Jann’s church and though it was extremely rare for this to happen, Pastor Jann stopped talking and said there was someone that needed to say something to everyone.  Ron stood and said, “It’s me!”  He got to thank him personally.

While he was still in Washington state, he was downtown walking when this man drove up next to him and Ron was compelled to get in. The man took him to a dingy part of town and dropped him off. He went into this basement room where some Chinese women were kneeling in three inches of water praying for their families in China. He just “knew” by the Spirit because they spoke no English, nor he Chinese. They were very excited and had been expecting him! They prayed together and he left to catch his flight.

I was worshiping and praying fervently when a vision of a Chinese man in a prison cell cold, hungry, and dressed in tatters was before my eyes. He was kneeling, praying with his hands lifted and as I prayed for him, a warm, bright light shone on him and his face broke out in a beautiful smile and I knew then that he was okay. He was being ministered to by the Lord.

Another time, the Spirit told me to get milk for my friend Deana and her boys. I got the milk, drove to their place and you should have seen the delight on Alex’s face! He said, “How did you know?!”

Years ago in 2008, Luis, our oldest son called me in Maine from Oklahoma. He was trying to get home and there were tornados everywhere. He couldn’t get through to his wife and didn’t know where to go. We had cable at the time and I turned the Weather Channel on. This was the Lord! They had a play by play of where the tornados were….this never happens….they gave which streets it was hitting or going towards. I was able to tell Luis which roads were clear and he made it home and into the shelter!  Wahoo Lord! I’m screaming all alone in my house right now with excitement!

I remember praying for Martin and Gracia Burnham when they were kidnapped in the Philippines and later reading Gracia’s book “In the Presence of my Enemies” and bursting out crying because I had prayed for those specific things and the Lord provided them miraculously!

I shared about praying for my son when he was falling off a roof in my post “Listen” as well as our daughter praying for miracles and them happening in my post, “Elena”.

Pastor Brian Zahnd shared about being in Paris and the Lord connecting him with a young man also from the USA in need of encouragement. He said he felt like an angel!

Pastor Curry Blake tells about the Lord telling him to go to some little building in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas to minister healing and there were only a couple of people at first, then people just started coming and knocking on the door!

There was a discouraged pastor on vacation with his family. His family had gone in a restaurant to get food and he was thinking he would quit the ministry because no one needed him anyway and as he walked by a phone booth, the phone rang and IT WAS FOR HIM!!!!! In the middle of nowhere, but the Lord had given this woman a number for him because she needed to talk to him!

I hope this encourages you! I am surely encouraged! Ask Holy Spirit to remind you of times that you walked beyond the natural! The Lord is wild and exciting and awesome! Be encouraged that you DO hear His voice and then participate with Him! Allow Him to flow out of you to minister to others. Don’t beat yourself up about times you’ve missed it, but beginning today step out knowing you hear his voice. There are souls attached to our obedience! Let’s trust Him today even if it seems He asks us to do odd things.

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