Two Years and Counting with FGGAM



It is hard to believe that two years ago the Lord moved Dewey to start For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. With the help of like minded people of faith a vision was cast to bring Christian broadcasting to the 21st century in New Mexico.

What began as a humble and static web site grew into the current dynamic multimedia ministry site that has reached hundreds of thousands of people in such a short amount of time.

At the beginning of 2013, after Dewey and I had a conversation about how to better deliver news and inspiration, we decided on the current format. The Lord gave us a vision to have news and inspiration in a variety of formats. We can now share video and audio as well as the printed word. The idea was to reach many people with not only the Gospel of Jesus but challenge people to embrace a biblical worldview.

At the same time the Lord opened the doors to allow us bring news and opinion to the listeners of KDAZ every Monday at 12 noon. The mix of conventional media and new technologies is allowing us to reach so many more people than we ever thought possible.

May the Lord continue to bless FGGAM as we continue to serve Him. This ministry has been a true blessing to me and my family. God has used FGGAM in ways I could never imagine. So many lives have been touched as we speak the truth of God’s word and I pray that the Lord will do great and mighty things though FGGAM.

-Pastor Paul Holt

For a special message from the founders of FGGAM, Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede go here:

Friends of FGGAM: FGGAM is 2 Years Young Today! PRAISE GOD!

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