Albuquerque Violent Crime: Two Dead In 3 Days, Three Others Injured By Gunfire


UPDATED 8:06am: BREAKING NEWS, more violent crime in Albuquerque: KOB TV is reporting that an home invasion occurred this morning at a home in the 1600 block of Coal. Shots were fired inside the home. No reports of injuries. APD is looking for a black male with a scruffy beard. The suspect is driving a silver or black four-door vehicle with a partial license plate reading “NLB”. Call Police at 505-242-2677 with any information. Let us pray for the safety our Police officers who are under so much stress, they are also understaffed and under paid. Back log of calls is long in this crime ridden city. Let us pray for our Police Officers, our hero’s.

Today on the ‘World We Live In’  at 12:05pm MT on KDAZ AM730 we will discuss this nasty business: Yesterday when I preached at Emmanuel Ministries in Rio Rancho part of my message was on violent crime in New Mexico and what we, the church, need to know and do. The audio will be posted sometime this week. As we reported Friday:

I’m Sad And Upset At The Violent Crime In Albuquerque

Now comes the word that there was another death in Albuquerque on Sunday. A robbery that went bad. It is not known if the person that was killed was a customer or employee of the Oasis Smoke Shop and Hooka Lounge. Police are investigating and details are few.  In the last three days in Albuquerque there have been two deaths and at least three others shot. Let us pray over the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico that the darkness be lifted. Please check out all the links on our stories, as we bring you the news you need to know! God Bless you and yours. We stand here at FGGAM in the gap for God on the sanctity of life. crime 3

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