Freedom From Religion Foundation Stops Discounts For Praying Customers


This has got me upset!

What a nice thing this owner was doing! Having fun in our Lord and the fellowship that was going on.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is so un-American. It is nothing like what our Forefathers intended. Our Country was founded by God and Christian men and women.

Are we going to let FFRF run our Country? To me it is like a communist organization, that is telling Christians what we can and cannot do.

Freedom From Religion Foundation is all about what is wrong with America. It makes me vomit.

A Winston-Salem, N.C., diner will no longer dish out discounts along with dinner to praying customers.

Mary’s Gourmet Diner had been offering a 15 percent discount for customers seen offering grace before meals during the past four years.

The practice went under the radar until aChristian music radio station in Orlando, Fla., uploaded a photo of a receipt with the discount to Facebook on  July 30. Then it went viral.

The restaurant said the discount was given to customers at the discretion of the wait staff and was open to people of all religious beliefs. But that left out discounts for the nonreligious.

Elizabeth Cavell, staff attorney at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, began hearing complaints about the discount from state and national members. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is the largest national association of freethinkers, or people of no religious beliefs.

She then wrote a letter to the diner’s owner, Mary Haglund, on Aug. 4, asking her to stop offering the discount.

“As a place of ‘public accommodation,’ it is illegal for Mary’s Gourmet Diner to discriminate, or show favoritism, on the basis of religion,” the letter said. “Your restaurant’s restrictive promotional practice favors religious customers, and denies customers who do not pray and nonbelievers the right to ‘full and equal’ enjoyment of Mary’s Gourmet Diner.”

On Thursday (Aug. 6),  a handwritten board near the front door announced that the restaurant would no longer offer the prayer discount.

“While you may exercise your right of religious freedom at this restaurant by praying over your meal to any entity or non-entity. We must protect your freedom from religion in a public place,” the sign said.

The restaurant declined to comment.

Cavell was happy with the response and said the foundation first looks to resolve legal complaints through education. It has no plans to take legal action. Yes I am sure she is happy.freedomindependenceday

Please get your copy of the ‘Founders Bible’ The origin of the dream of freedom. It is by David Barton.

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