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Bill Wilson
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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Foreign policy blunders with prophetic implications 


Observing the current foreign policy of the occupant of the Oval Office, another president comes to memory whose foreign policy was instrumental in propping up Islam and advancing terrorism to its modern levels. Jimmy Carter played a role in deposing the Shah of Iran and assisting in the “democratic” installation of the Ayatollah governments. Even so, Carter paid a price for granting the Shah diplomatic immunity with a hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Tehran that paralyzed his already inept presidency for 444 days. In reality, this birthed the modern Islamic advance, spreading terrorism worldwide. It was further emboldened under Bill Clinton, and put on fast track with the current “president.”

Carter was also instrumental in the gradual elevating of a third rate thug and plane hijacking terrorist to diplomatic status in Yassir Arafat–the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO was an Islamic- and Soviet-backed terror organization whose mission was to drive Israel into the sea. Carter brokered a failed peace agreement called the Camp David Accords. This agreement was between Israel and Egypt and served as a framework to deal with the so-called Palestinian territories and established the concept of land for peace. Years later in 1990, Carter met with Arafat and described him as a leader who did everything he could “to promote the peace process.”

Certainly, Bill Clinton saw Arafat as a peace partner. A May 3, 1996 article in the Baltimore Sun reported: “MANY AMERICANS have difficulty accepting Yasser Arafat, president of the Palestinian Authority, as a member of civil society, much less an honored guest at the White House. This is the rogue terrorist who packed a gun at the United Nations, the world revolutionary and would-be destroyer of Israel. But there he was, Wednesday, neatly groomed beneath his trademark headscarf, polite and smiling, greeted by President Clinton with the most decorous courtesy.” It was widely reported that Arafat became the most frequent foreign guest at the Clinton White House.

The current “president” has far outpaced the ill-fated foreign policy of his Democratic predecessors. He has overseen the building up of Islam as a seemingly step by step strategy, making up for Carter’s incompetency and Clinton’s poor judgment. This “president” encouraged and funded the Arab Spring, trained members of the current Islamic State that his taking over parts of Syria and Iraq, and persecuting Christians, and he has supported Islam at the expense of traditional ally Israel almost exclusively. The handiwork of these three presidents has deep prophetic implications.

Their policies may have accelerated the prophetic revival of an end time Caliphate–Islamic states that come against Israel–Ezekiel 38:2-13: Meshech (Turkey); Tubal (Turkey); Persia (Iran); Ethiopia (Sudan); Libya (Libya), Gomer (Turkey), Togarmah (Turkey); Sheba (Saudi Arabia); Dedan (Saudi Arabia): “To take a spoil, and to take a prey.” Speaking of Gog, the antichrist, verse 17 says, “Thus says the Lord God; Art you he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?” Whether strategic or stupid, these three presidents used America to strengthen Israel’s enemies and perhaps advance the prophecy clock.

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Bill Wilson
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