God Loves Dirty Dogs Too


NuggetNugget, our Rottweiler pup, is a handful. She’s nine months old and acts like a rebellious teenage child sometimes. In one regard though, she is very easy… grooming is a snap. We brush her to remove the undercoat she constantly sheds and in minutes she’s clean and shiny.


Rocky, our poodle mix (or Some-Poo to put it in contemporary terms), is an old man. He is low-key and fairly happy to comply with the requests of those who provide his dinner. However, grooming is another matter…emphasis on matt!  An array of tools are required as I start with the fine outer coat and slowly detangle down to the fur closer to his body. He squirms and complains with doggie whines and grunts. He hates it and I hate it more. Thankfully there are wonderful people who will step in and complete this task (for a price).


When Rocky walks in from the groomer he is fluffy, shiny and smells like an Avon Lady. Nugget perks up and behaves as though he is a new acquaintance or has been gone for months. She follows him around and sniffs every inch of his primped new do.


Sometimes we’re like dirty dogs. We act up and don’t obey the commands of our Father until we get into trouble. Or we comply as long as He’s meeting all our needs like clockwork, or a ringing dinner bell.


We may be easily cleaned up because we’ve been created to shed the dirt of the world with a little effort by the One who loves us most. Or our creator may have designed us as complicated creatures requiring a bit more attention before we begin to emerge as the beautiful beings He intended. Each of us is unique in the way we are made and the needs we have.


It isn’t fun to be made to behave, refrain from destructive behavior and sit quietly by the feet of our master when we could be romping with the party animals that surround our lives. It often feels awful to be cleaned up, discarding the filth that accumulates every day hiding our true selves. But as we allow The Groomer to work on us we begin to reflect His glory as we shine our brightest.  This refreshing is done at a great price, but fortunately for those who believe, it’s been paid in full.


Have there been times you’ve behaved just like a spoiled, dirty pooch? What did God do to get your attention and polish you back in show-worthy condition?


By Diane Markins


Keywords: redemption, God’s unconditional love, God’s forgiveness, devotional about dogs

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