study Bibleok.  this one is going to be a sort of ‘journaling’ … and not my usual post style.  it may offend some, but I remember Jesus saying that they hated him, so what do we expect.  (and, yes, I tend to paraphrase).

I woke up this morning and once again tried to listen to a popular evangelist (preacher? radio minister?) and after two sentences, turned it off in anger.  Jesus died so that we can be… happy??

I turned it back on again, sure that I had heard it incorrectly.  he began saying, “now, note this!  this is important!” and began to give some greek philosophers (or were they ‘gods’?  I don’t know…) definition of ‘blessed’ … then went on to compare the beatitudes with being happy.

once again…. is it MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??????

I heard one sermon a few months ago that I am sure I heard incorrectly.  what was said was, “no, we don’t need to pray…..”  but it was repeated.

I have heard that when Jesus said “let them be one as You are I are one” he was speaking of world religions all bonding together as one…. yes, you read me right.  people… do we know that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 was for BELIEVERS???  DO WE KNOW THIS????  DID WE HEAR THIS?  DID ANYONE BESIDES ME SPIT OUT MY MILK?  and there was an entire room full of ‘evangelists’ that heard this, too.  and not one of them understood what was REALLY GOING ON.

we need to wake up.  that same man then said that if we did not agree with what Jesus said about all of ‘us’ being one, then we were…… (you better sit down for this):


people…. it’s happening.  I hear the title “Christ” being said over the airwaves instead of the Name of JESUS.  not all, thankfully, but enough to make you aware… when I did my research on this, I didn’t put this into my blog, but now I think it needs to be said:

Christ is not Jesus according to the New Age.  the Christ is a cosmic  consciousness.  Jesus is a human messenger, sometimes called an avatar, who manifested the Christ consciousness.  He was only one of many christs or, as some New Age writers claim, everybody is a christ.


what was lucifer’s downfall?  pride.  I can’t help but see a common denominator in so many of these subtle falsities.  take the word ‘selfie’ for example.  ok.  I have been told at this point I am a tad obnoxious mySELF, being a fundamental bible-thumping prude.  I seem to remember the Bible telling me to be sober and alert… which brings me to another subject…

sober and alert.  NOT drunk in the spirit.  now, I’ve seen what would make anyone’s hair stand straight up in disgust.  but no, it is NOT seen.  drunk in the spirit?  really?  I’ve even heard one ‘pastor’ (and I do use that term lightly) claim it to be ‘toking the spirit’ … for those of you not familiar with that term ‘toke’ … it has to do with smoking marijuana.  now, does YOUR spirit bear witness to THIS spirit?

I’ve heard a local pastor say you do not have to pray ‘in the Name of Jesus’.  wait.  what?  WHAT?????  MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!  and not one person even coughed.

I’ve heard of ‘christian yoga’ …… and when I try to explain even what the word YOGA means, I get spitwads.  yoga means to yoke.  and if you don’t know what you are yoking WITH, you are in trouble.  again, MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

I’ve been to numerous bible studies where I was so upset that I cried when I got home.  “pray that we have the seats filled because they are filming next week” and “no, we can’t pray for him even if he is experiencing the demonic because ‘they’ might ‘jump’ on us…” and “we have to learn HOW to study the bible (using this scientific method based on greek mythology) in order to determine what Jude said was really what he meant.”  and yes, I quote…

I don’t go to bible studies that are watch a video then discuss that section in a book, and I don’t care WHO it is.  I have been to enough of those classes to know exactly what time it is.

it’s time to wake up.  we are living in the last days.  the great deception is here, right here, right now.  and once again, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH, YOU WILL FALL FOR A LIE.

some even quote ‘pastors’ who have yoked with this world deception, this anti-christ spirit… quoting…. and yes, I’ve been told to my face that we aren’t supposed to judge.

but that tells me THEY DON’T READ THEIR BIBLE!!!!!  “John McArthur tells me not to judge…” is what was said to my face.  but did they know that that same John McArthur said it is ok to to take the mark of the beast and still make it to heaven?

(oh boy I may be in trouble now…)

what does our bibles really say about judging??  well, this is a topic I will do an in depth study on and provide it as a later post.  pick up a concordance, look it up.  we are told not to judge the world, the world is already judged by not accepting Jesus.  but we ARE told to judge those who call themselves our ‘brothers’ … and if they exhibit bad fruit, we are told to mark and avoid them.

lately it seems I just can’t avoid them over the airwaves.  it is sad.  there are many that remain true and solid in the Word and in their love of Truth.  but the ones I keep stumbling upon are ones who clearly and audibly have taken a left turn.

and nobody seems to notice.

I think they’ve all been …. tokin’ the wrong spirit.

I hope that this has inspired you to get into the Word.  I love you.



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