Good Morning Beautiful People…..A Question for Mothers, What Will You Be Remembered For?



Life is short, like a vapor really. Today, I thought of the different mother’s I know. Some are young and some are old. Some have a few children and some have many. Then I remembered the question, the one that really challenged my life years ago. What legacy will you be remembered for? I pondered that same question again today. Some mothers found it rewarding to meet their children at bars, clubs and places the world would say is cool. Some mothers choose to allow parties that would include underage drinking, sex and anything goes at their home to win the approval of children. Some mothers worked outside the home and worked diligently at balancing the demands of motherhood. Some moms I know stay at home and care for their children and go without the extra things, struggling to meet their monthly bills. Some mothers I know are single raising a child on benefits provided by the government. Some mothers I know have lost their children because of neglect, abuse, death, divorce, waywardness and the list goes on. There are so many women reading this today that Mothers Day is a challenge. One thing I am certain of someday your mother will leave this earth. Someday you will have memories stored in the recesses of your mind of theme parks, birthday parties, good times, bad times and all the experiences the vapor of life has given you. I don’t believe you will remember the great wealth you accumulated or went without. I don’t believe the final hours will be that at all. I believe you will sense the one’s you hold dear in your heart surrounding you as the choices you made about eternity here on earth takes you to your next step in destiny. So today I challenge you to seek your creator, invite Jesus into your life and ask for forgiveness of the choices as a mother you have made that were against his ways. One more thing to your already list of motherhood. No matter what category as a mother you are in; don’t forget the power of a mother’s prayer. Take time today to pray for your child. No matter how bleak the situation looks, the creator of the universe has it all under control. Nothing surprises him, nothing. It’s pretty simple really, you believe the Bible or you don’t. Like I heard a friend say when the rubber meets the road, what is it? Can you whisper a prayer? Let’s pray:

Lord, I join my faith with every mother across this globe today. I pray creator of the universe that sees it all, creator of all mankind, bless each and every mother. The wayward child, we join our faith today and we call you home. The issues of life in every relationship oh God you have the answer and today we petition your throne room and thank you in advance for it. Today, we pray for our child (call out their names) and we join our faith for everything they have need of oh God. Whatever choices they make Lord here on their journey, may the choice of knowing you be one. Thank you for drawing them unto yourself oh God. Thank you for creating motherhood and I pray a strengthening for every mother across this globe today. Stand strong, hold tight to the Word of the Lord, it will not return void (that’s his promise not mine, according to Isaiah 55:11). Today, God bless every mother I pray in ways only you can, I give you thanks. Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Psalm 139:13 (NIV) For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

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