The Day After


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

WOW! WEE! (as Karen Rowe of Hope in Today Ministries says, that has become my favorite expression!) YES! WOW WEE!! What a day! Amen! Thank YOU LORD!

Reserve triparrayReserve childrenMagdalena sunriseToday I continue to soak in all that I saw and heard yesterday, and I am trying to rest up a bit it was a 14 hour day and today we have the radio program and the funeral for our friend Angelo Winfields mother, please keep the family in your prayers. What a glorious day it was in our Lord! I’m so grateful to see and hear the reports coming in from all over the world on the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit on Resurrection Sunday! Even NBC News did a report of Resurrection Sunday services from all over the world! It teared me up to see Christians in Syria celebrating Resurrection Sunday in their “bombed out” churches. What courage they have!  PRAISE GOD! I was blessed to give the message at the Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico yesterday! It was an extreme blessing. I have come to love the folks in Reserve, they are so very special to me, they bless me!  I have included a picture here of Children’s Church with Deacon Charles McCargish.  Charles has built by hand and out of rock “the tomb”, and here he is telling the story of the “empty tomb” My only regret was not getting a picture of the tomb up close for you, excellent craftsmanship by Charles. He said, “God guided my hands” God guided the service yesterday in Reserve, just like He did all over the world. I love being a circuit preacher, traveling for Jesus. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and worship in Reserve, I love the church in rural America! It thrill’s me to think of all of the thousands of smaller churches around the country that gathered for Resurrection Sunday…and all those people that accepted Jesus Christ for the first time! On my drive to Reserve, I stopped in Magdalena at the Baptist Church and joined in on the sunrise service there with all my friends for a bit! I even got one of Pastor Paul Holt’s world famous pancakes! But, just stop a moment and thank our Lord for all the churches around the world that had their doors open for Resurrection Sunday, no matter the size, they have their doors open year round, proclaiming the good news of our Risen Savior! I have included pictures of Deacon Charles McCargish and the children, a picture from the sunrise service in Magdalena and some scenery from this road trip including of the antenna  array outside of Magdalena. I leave you with this: Do you realize  that Jesus never corrected, withdrew, or amended any statement He ever made? I wish I could say that! Jesus Christ never apologized for anything He ever did or said! The perfect role model! Amen! PRAISE GOD! Please continue to tell the world about JESUS! , that perfect man! May God Bless you and yours forever and ever!

Say a prayer each day for the small churches of America, the back bone of our country!

Ps…I shared yesterday in my sermon that the state’s biggest newspaper missed the story of Resurrection Sunday in their Sunday edition, but thank the Lord for Hobby Lobby, they took out their annual full page ad to declare the GOOD NEWS OF OUR RISEN SAVIOR!  PRAISE GOD!


We here at FGGAM thank all our writers for their wonderful Resurrection Sunday posts. We now have 36 volunteer writers who post for you here at FGGAM! We know that each writer has been sent to us directly from our Lord, they are very special. I want to especially point out that Darlene Quiring from Mt. Lake, Minnesota sent us a handful of posts that have had thousands of reads and continue to be read each day. Darlene is such a strong women of God, she sends me such Godly posts and we are so thankful! Darlene has been with FGGAM since we started in Feb. of 2013. She pumped much Godly energy into FGGAM.ORG over this past week!  With the stats complied by our CTO, Isaac Milleson, we now on some days have 20,000 visitors to FGGAM.ORG! We thank the Lord for all our writers! We thank the LORD for what HE IS DOING WITH FGGAM! THIS IS ALL ABOUT OUR RISEN SAVIOR! IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD! When God told me to start FGGAM, He told me to reach one person at a time…..and now we see that we are experiencing exploding growth in Europe and our main demo is 18 to 35!

It’s tough to start thanking people and then you miss someone, but this love note is for you all! Amen!

We love and thank all those that write for us here at FGGAM!

Let us march forward for our Lord!

Thank you all for your love and prayers!Darlene quiring pic

For God’s Glory Alone!

I have included a picture of me and Darlene Quiring taken about 2 years ago at the Cottonwood County Fair in Windom, Minnesota.

Here are just a couple of Darlene’s posts that she sent us………

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Devotional for Resurrection Sunday PRAISE GOD!

The Pastor And His Bird Cage On Easter Morning

For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM team

Let us keep praying for each other and our families

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