Omaree’s Law, Is a Knee Jerk Reaction the Best Solution?


Omaree Varela2It is a heart breaking story that is getting continuous coverage on the local news stations. When 9 year old Omaree Varela was killed by his mother’s kicking, the outcry was heard in Santa Fe and there was a call to do something about such a senseless death of a child.

Omaree’s Law as it is being called is the answer to that call. Some feel that such a law will bring meaning to Omaree’s death. This is the way of those that look to government as the solution to all things. Is there a tragedy? Pass a law, even if there are laws that already govern the events.

Omaree’s Law would require CYFD to immediately take custody of children reported to have possible signs of abuse. They include burns, bruises, lacerations, broken bones and bites. CYFD officers would have to take the kid into custody for 48 hours and haul the parents in for a hearing.

The state House passed “Omaree’s Law” on Wednesday evening. The bill now heads to the Senate.

The unintended consequences of such a law could possibly overwhelm the system. CYFD estimates that it would need more than a hundred additional personnel should the law pass as written. This does not include the impact to law enforcement and the foster care parents needed to house the children.

The progressive mindset operates from a place of emotion, the need to do something usually pass a law. One of the state representative that is sponsoring the proposed the legislation is Rep. Liz Thomson, a Democrat from Albuquerque, is a physical therapist for Albuquerque Public Schools. She is stationed at Hodgin Elementary School, where Omaree was a student.

Thomson stated, “He was a sweet kid. He was really, really kind, particularly to kids with disabilities, so it affected our community in a really big way. It affected Albuquerque – the whole state.” “Even if we are overburdening them I think the kids come first,” Thomson said. “We can’t say the inn is full, we can’t take you, because if there are kids being abused or neglected, then we’ve got to figure out a way – how to make it work for the state.”

This a knee jerk reaction. There are laws on the books that allow law enforcement and CYFD to intercede on a child’s behalf when there is abuse. The solution cannot be found in a law that forces action, but in training and a sympathetic heart that allows those on the front line to better understand what is going on. A well trained person is always more effective than a bureaucrat who is only doing what the law requires.

The problem is so much more complex than what a law can do. As we cause people to depend on government and cause state sponsored polygamy, I am concerned that there will be many more Omarees. His mother had how many children by how many different fathers? We are destroying the family structure that made America the great nation it once was, so our solution is to pass more laws, more regulations and add to government bureaucracy that is already failing.

We need more than an emotional knee jerk reaction to this tragic story, we need to return to a biblical standard that will bring a more stable and safe society. We need the liberty and freedom that comes with seeking the Lord and His ways.


  1. If your child falls off his bike and scratches himself or gets bruised just playing, apparently they can take your child away from you while they investigate. This is a ridiculous piece of legislation. It makes parents want to home school their children just so the authorities at school can’t turn them in every time there is a scratch on their kid.

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