You can do this! It’s Monday! Are you ready to roll?


We have been going since 4am to help bring you the world we live in here at FGGAM. You can do this! Get started on this Monday morning with GLORY RADIO here at FGGAM! Click and listen! The best Christmas music! In the mean time put some raw honey in that coffee this morning! It’s good for you!

Let’s check 5am temp’s: Albuquerque the home of daughter Gretchen it’s 25, with the wind chill today in Albuquerque it will be about 10 BELOW! Windom, Minn my hometown it’s 8 BELOW, Santa Fe, NM 16, Edgewood, NM 18, Chama, NM 11 BELOW, Red River, NM 12, Chama and Red River will hit about 15 BELOW today with the wind chill. Reserve, NM 23, Roswell, NM 28, Las Cruces, NM 30, We have added Midland, Texas to our reports because we have two Dear Friends there, Pastor Brandon Navarre and Pastor Ruben Gomez! It’s 32 in Midland at 5am, Nashville 36, Estes Park, Colo 6 BELOW, Two Harbors, Minn on Lake Superior it is 1, Efland, NC the home of our Dear Friends, Rob and Karen Rowe and where I took part in my first revival after God called me to form FGGAM, The Rowe’s and Efland are forever in my heart, it’s 36 there this morning. Elk Grove, California where my lovely wife Sharon grew up, it’s 30 degrees, in Chicago where son Lars goes to school it’s 23, and in Denver where son Greg and wife Natasha, and son Michael, and daughter Steph and husband Patrick live it’s 7. In Portales, NM it is 19 degrees. Minneapolis, Minnesota the home of my Minnesota Twins it is 3 above!

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