KRAMER’s Weather Report . . . Backtracking Winter Storm Cleon



Wags a wiggles . . . Kramer the Weather Dog here with images as we BACKtrack winter storm Cleon. She dumped a lot of cold temperatures and left a lot of chilly dogs, people, and goats in her path!

My mom took this picture early on Saturday morning (Dec 7) at about 7:30 am. She usually isn’t out of bed THAT early on a cold snowy morning, but she did a craft fair and arrived TOO early…snicker, snicker. She usually doesn’t get anywhere too early, but she decided to use her time to take photos at Ashley Pond . . . in the 14 degree, frosty weather. It is kinda purty don’t you think?


Shannon Hoskovec shared some wonderful photos from her home in the East Mountains . . . near Albuquerque. This her new puppy, Moberly Copernicus, and there long-time furbaby, Laser de Broglie. The Hoskovec family has ONE more dog, Max Scherzo, but he must’ve decided to stay out of the fluffy white stuff. I think that puppy looks like great fun . . . well, as long as those baby sharp teeth have fallen out. I don’t necessary like playing with RAZORS!!

east mountains shannon snow dogs

Miss Shannon also took this great shot of snow in a tree. I must say that is ONE thing I admire about cats . . . they can climb trees.

east mountains shannon tree

I’m not sure what this thing-a-ma-bobber is, but I DO think isn’t a snow toy and would work best if you only have two legs. It’s got a bush or something with it . . . that looks like the dried up bushes that my brothers and I sometime bring into our house when we get tangle up with Mother Nature’s giant grass stuff. Cool photo, though, don’t you think?

east mountains shannon tricycle

Melanie Meis let me share some of her photos in an earlier post, but my mom really liked this one with the sun shining on the snow through the tree limbs. Yeah, I guess it’s pretty, but I’d like it more if I could get up in trees like that.

east mountains melanie late day tree

I’m not sure if this is when the sun is going DOWN or coming UP, but it’s verrry purty. Thanks for this one Miss Melanie, who also lives in the East Mountains, where Miss Shannon lives. Hey, I’ll bet Miss Shannon and Miss Melanie know each other!! What do you think? Bets anyone? . . . never mind, my mom says I can’t bet, especially on a Christian website :( (I was only going to bet some small sized bones).

cleon melanie

Artesia, located in southeastern New Mexico doesn’t see frosty trees very often, but they did as a result of winter storm, Cleon. This picture comes from one of my mom’s college friends. (Boy, that’s going back a lot of months ago….long before I was born. Maybe it’s like twenty-eleven months). Anyway, there was lots of cold and snowy and icy conditions in places that don’t see them very often. Thanks for sharing Jimmy Dean Naylor!!


 I’m really REALLY excited about this next picture. This comes from my two-legged brother BRIAN!!! I love Brian, but he thinks I bark too much when he comes to our house to visit. This was the view from the INSIDE of his truck the weekend that Cleon moved through Lubbock, Texas. Since I can’t read a map, Mom tells me this is in WEST Texas. My two-legged bro has a dog named Boomer who rides in this truck all the time. I hope Brian and Boomer scraped all that ice off before they went driving together!

brian ice

As Cleon moved in a westerly direction, we also got picture from a dear, dear friend living north-west of Dallas. Lots of people lost power. They probably felt like they were living in dog houses in the back yard. Thankfully Miss Elizabeth stayed warm despite the ICE. She said that even though this looks like snow, it’s all ICE!!! I guess you don’t need a refrigerator on days like this.


Miss Elizabeth has a wonderful dog named Blaze. I think he was ready to get back in the house quickly due to the ice. My mom tells me that Miss E! takes such good care of Blaze. I hope all dog owners keep their pups in the  house . . . especially during cold and freezy weather like Cleon brought.


Tammy Boyd provided this last set of photos. She lives in McKinney, TX, which is north of Dallas (and east of our friend, Miss E!). There must’ve been so much ice that a million zillion ice cubes could’ve been made to last through next summer!!! Just look at Miss Tammy’s BBQ grill! I doubt anyone was grilling that day.

Cleone tammy bbq

And what about this holly plant. I think this picture is very pretty and perfect for the Christmas Season! Thanks, Miss Tammy for sharing your purty pictures!!

cleone tammy holly

 Well, I hope you enjoyed backtracking winter storm Cleon!! Thanks to all who shared their freezy photos!!

Bow wow wow and out!!! Kramer the Weather Dog signing off!

©2013 Shona Neff



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