Pastor Paul on Socorro Radio 102.1 FM and Preaching the Word at 11am in Magdalena, Pastor Dewey Preaching in Reserve Today


paul holt 3dewey in ReservePlease pray for us today as I travel to the Baptist Church in Reserve, NM, an 8 hour drive to and back. I was almost hit head on yesterday by a young man that came to a screeching halt as he blew a red light. The Lord told me to slow way down and watch and stop, and watch I did and I stopped before he could hit me. I saw the white’s of his eyes and he looked so sad, I don’t even think he saw the light !He was speeding. I also then was almost side clipped by another car, as he went into my lane. I see high anxiety on the roads. Please pray for safe driving. I will be preaching on God’s miracles and on the book of James today at 11am at the Reserve, NM Baptist Church. If you do not have a home church in the area, please come. Pastor Paul will be on 102.1 FM radio in Socorro at 10am and delivering the Word at the Baptist Church in Magdalena at 11am. If you live in the Magdalena or Socorro area and do not have a home church please visit Pastor Paul today.

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