Love Is in The Giving


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Dec 15, 2013

Love Is in the Giving

By Charles F. Stanley

When you think of a loving relationship, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the romantic love between a husband and a wife, the special bond between a parent and a child, or the comfortable companionship of a close friend. Most people think happiness in love depends heavily on getting what they need from the other person.

The truth is that giving, when it’s done with pure motives, is its own reward. This sense of satisfaction doesn’t depend on how others receive your gift of service. Some people will never be content with what you do for them. Others will never feel worthy; no matter how much you encourage them or attempt to include them in your life. In risking love, you are also risking the possibility of being rejected or turned away. A person may even reject you while saying he or she loves you!

The goal in loving is not to evoke the response you want from another person, but to do what you believe the Lord is pleased for you to do. Your willingness to love must never depend upon another person’s ability to give love back to you.

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