Dr. James Dobson says, NO TO OBAMA ABORTION PILL!

Alliance Defending Freedom
Help Dr. James Dobson challenge the Obamacare abortion pill mandate.
Dear Dewey,
I’m writing you today because our friend and Alliance Defending Freedom co-founder Dr. James Dobson has taken a courageous stand, and now he needs our help.
Dr. Dobson has said “No!” to the ObamaCare abortion pill mandate.
As you know, Dr. Dobson has spent the past 36 years in ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, strengthen families, and protect the sanctity of human life. Despite this, the Obama Administration’s regulations treat ministries such as Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk as not “religious” enough to qualify for an exemption from its abortion pill mandate. This would force Dr. Dobson — as an employer — to provide “health insurance” that triggers coverage of abortion-inducing drugs. When he refuses to provide access to abortion pills, he faces fines so crippling they would effectively shut down his ministry. We can’t let this happen.
When he refuses to provide abortion pills, he faces fines so crippling they would effectively shut down his ministry.
Dr. Dobson has asked Alliance Defending Freedom to go to court on his behalf to fight the Obama Administration. You can be sure the battle will be long and hard-fought. Our opponents have all the resources of the federal government at their disposal.
That’s why we need your help today. You can help ensure Dr. Dobson and other believers will not be forced to choose between following their faith, and shutting down their businesses or ministries.
You are not in this battle alone:
Thanks to a $425,000 matching grant from a generous Christian family, your gift today will be doubled. They strongly believe that Americans should be free to live according to their deeply held religious beliefs, without coercion to support evil. 

Your help needed for the battle

For the first time in history, the federal government has attempted to force Americans to help other citizens destroy innocent human life – even in violation of their religious convictions.
Thanks to your support, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys have already been able to come to the defense of more than twenty other Christian employers and colleges threatened by the abortion pill mandate. In court orders concerning religious freedom in these cases Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and allied attorneys have prevailed over the Obama Administration’s lawyers 12 out of 13 times.
But it’s clear our opponents are not going to surrender without a long fight. In nearly all of the cases where we have won, the Obama Administration has also appealed.
They are that determined to force people to violate their faith and comply with the government’s demands.
So, while we are hopeful that we will win the initial case for Dr. Dobson, we anticipate that his case will also be appealed by the government. Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to supporting Dr. Dobson throughout the legal process – all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary!
Please stand with Dr. Dobson, Alliance Defending Freedom, and all the other brave Christian employers refusing the coercion of ObamaCare.
The matching grant will double your gift – dollar for dollar – up to the limit of the grant.


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