6 Year Old Boy Suspended for Sexual Harassment?!?!?


culture-shock(Cañon City, CO)  —  Have we lost our senses as a society? Whatever happened to allowing the innocence of Children? Allowing Children to be Children?…..What are we teaching our Children with this type of punishment??? That you cannot be a child? Let a child be a child! It could have been an uplifting teachable moment on was is correct and not correct, but suspension and labeling it sexual harassment? Here’s the story:  A six-year-old Colorado boy will be back at school today, after he was suspended for kissing a girl’s hand.   First-grader Hunter Yelton says he has a crush on the girl, and that she likes him back.  The superintendent at the School in Cañon City calls it sexual harassment, but Yelton’s mom says she’s going to fight the  mark on his school record. What do you think?

I could go on and on about this…like we live in a society that in some places allows boys and girls to use the same bathroom. In some places boy’s are allowed to dress like a girl because they feel they are a girl, or girls dress like a boy because they feel like a boy. We are sure messing up our children’s minds with all this non sense.

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Thanks to Frank Haley of KKIM Radio AM 1000 for making us aware of this.


  1. For Heaven’s sake, I’ve probably got an arrest warrant out on me and never even knew it. I was roughly seven. I’ve no idea how old she was but I would assume pretty close to my same age. It was Saturday morning & we were playing in the sandbox in the playground along with 3 or 4 other children. Without a clue what sex was, we rather innocently kissed each other on the cheek as we had seen grown ups do on a daily basis. I fondly remember what a wonderful thing it was to see Dad give Mom a kiss on the cheek each day when he got home from work; a simple gesture meaning I care about you & appreciate you. It was exciting in a caring sort of way which had no relationship to sex whatsoever. If this young man is guilty of sexual harassment, I can only imagine the charges I must have pending against me!!

  2. I hate to see this happen in Canon City. We lived in Canon City when my kids were this age. We were already seeing this change in Colorado as people were moving from California.
    The property prices were rapidly rising in the mid 90’s and the mindset was changing to a less godly way of thinking.
    The reason you see this kind of response to a boy liking a girl is that when you remove the absolute truth and standards of God’s word, you live by subjective standards. You can no longer correct behavior with principles and discipline.
    Canon City was a beautiful place to live with good people. I am sad to see the school given over to such nonsensical moral bankruptcy.

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