A Wonderful Christmas Story, POWERFUL, Watch and Listen to, “The Christmas Scale”


pianoThis is not quite what you may expect from the headline: Christmas scale! No, we are not suggesting you weigh yourself after all you have eaten this Christmas!!! LOL! LOL!….we are asking you to watch and listen to this short, but very powerful message sent to us by our Dear Friend, Darlene Quiring of Mt. Lake, Minnesota:

A nice little story and unexpected ending.  Watch and listen.


  1. A powerful video. It’s so easy to pass by the things we should pay attention to. This brings tears as I consider the past couple years in which I dedicated my life to providing unnecessary material things for my family at the expense of sharing time & true love with them. God finally woke me and brought me to realize the really important things in life. Afflicted with heart disease & stage 4 cancer, time with those very loved ones I thought I was doing right by was far more important. Having been given a time line, God, family and friends took on a new perspective I’d been ignoring. In my new obedience to Him, God has extended that time line as my cancer has been ‘stabilized’ and sharing the REALLY important things with family, friends and anyone else I meet has made life so very, very much more enjoyable! It’s been a “wake up & share God’s Love year for me!!!

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