Midnight Run


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My headlights pierced the darkness cutting a path as I barreled down the interstate. It was close to midnight. How was it that I, a semi-anxious, hate-to-drive-at night middle-aged woman was in this predicament?

My Friday evening started out pretty typical: a home fashion party thrown by a very stylish golf buddy. We giggled, shared snacks, and tried on gorgeous designer clothes. I even purchased a simple, yet classy sweater. I arrived home with the memories of a fun evening with friends in my heart. Then it came . . . the call. A family member living several hours away was in distress.

I had to go! I didn’t know what I was going to do once I got there, but when the call comes, you go! So, that is how it came to be that I was driving on the mostly deserted interstate at an hour that I’m usually tucked snugly away in bed.

The decision to go wasn’t easy. I was dog-sitting, plus had my own 3 dogs. Such responsibilities hinder a quick get away. My mind raced while my heart kicked it up a few beats. All my family “in town” was out-of-town, so I turned to the only One who would help me think straight. He didn’t disappoint. Within one hour of the distress call I had all four dogs taken care of and, within two hours I was on my midnight run.

Perfect peace took over. I was calm and not at all worried about a drive that, typically, I would never, in a million years do on purpose. I’m a daytime driver and always tell my own sons to avoid travel after dark. Yet, here I was, rollin’ on down the highway at 75 mph more worried about a loved one, while trusting God with my travel trepidations. Faith and trust . . . I rejoiced that they took over as 200 miles of road passed beneath my wheels.

I thanked God. Thank you God for devoted friends to care for my dogs on such short notice. Thank you Lord for a reliable car to travel the countryside at such a late hour. Thank you for gas money, and for fast-flying angels surrounding my car. Thank you, Father, for strong arms embracing me,  easing my travel apprehensions. Thank you that loved ones call on me when they need helping hand. Thank you for grace that rains on believers and non-believers alike, and that serves as a testimony to turn hearts toward you when the time is ripe.

I praised God. I praise your holy name. I praise you as Master of the Universe and Savior. I praise YOU, Lord of my life. I praise you for WHO You are . . . the great I AM. All mighty. All powerful. All present and loving God, I praise you.

I prayed for my loved one. Be with my loved one in the midst of distress. Calm her anxious heart and slow her racing mind. Wrap your loving arms around her and give her a glimpse of hope in the this dark hour. Let the Light pierce her darkness. When I arrive, Lord, let it be Jesus who walks through the door to provide comfort. Let my words be Your words. Let the Holy Spirit fill the room and usher out the negative imps of discord swirling in the unseen. Let Your presence be strong now and when I arrive.

My prayers danced around the throne of the Almighty for over two hours. However, the last few minutes of my midnight run were filled with music. Thank God for Christian stations that crackle into the wee hours of the morning. I don’t remember the names of the songs that filled my last few minutes on the dark interstate, but every one was perfect! Perfectly inspirational, they further helped calm my stormy sea. Not only had peace (and fast-flying angels) accompanied me, but now a smile of total trust in God crossed my face. Everything was going to be fine. Thank you God for preparing me for such a time as my midnight run.

©2013 Shona Neff

©2013 Nicole Richardson Bryan (image credit)


  1. What an inspirational post!! How wonderful it is to be reminded of God’s great love and mercy and protection over us especially in those times of fear! Great post Shona! Thanks for the blessing!

  2. HE is ALWAYS there for us… All we need to do is ask HIM and place it in HIS hands… Praise GOD & Thank You for such a lovely and meaningful post Shona !!!

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