My Father’s Love


My Father’s Love

By: Angel L. Murchison

Oh Father your love for me is so hard to comprehend, you died for me when I was yet a sinner.

Love you had no boundaries, you took my sin and you made me whole again.

Such love, the love of my Father.

When I chose the path of the evil one, you loved me and led me to your path again.

Such love, the love of my Father.

When I cried because of all the pain, you healed my pain and removed my shame. Oh such love.

Where others wounded me, you bound up my wounds and filled me with joy.

Such love, the love of my Father.

When I needed guidance, you left me your word and you’re Holy Spirit, such love.

The love of my Father.

Whatever the future holds for me is in your hands, for your love for me has made me whole.

My Father you say in your word that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. That’s my future because of the love of my Father.

Lord, today I pray for every reader of this post. You loved them enough to die for them and I realize it is more than the natural mind can comprehend. I pray you supernaturally draw them today oh God. You have no boundaries Jesus. You will take their sin and restore them. Psalm 103 V 12 states As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Thank you Lord for your forgiveness of sin. Lord I pray your word over them today in Psalm 107 v 20 you say you sent your word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions. Today bind up the wounds of your people around this globe. I pray they would receive the fullness of the inheritance you gave them. Faith arise in your people and let their enemies be scattered. Again, I say faith arise.

We receive your love today around this globe. We receive it and help us to give it away. Be a blessing today. The world needs more of his love flowing thru us and among us. Wherever we may journey today, thank you for opportunities to show your love, the love of our Father.  eternal love


  1. “Oh Father your love for me is so hard to comprehend, you died for me when I was yet a sinner.”

    The Father did not die please read your Bible and learn what the Trinity is. Jesus Christ, The Son, died for us not the Father.

    The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit– Three Persons One God. (Matthew 28:19)

    Saying the Father, The First Person, died on the cross is a grave mistake and is outright heresy. Please be careful with what you say, your poem was absolutely beautiful and true except for that one part.

    In summary, The Son, The Second Person, in His perfect Human Nature died on the cross for our sins because He loves us so much. The Father loved us so much that He sent His own Son to die for us (John 3:16). That’s pretty selfless and loving if you ask me! The Father never died on the cross. The Father is and always will be a spirit.

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