Learning through Death, Eternal thinking from South Dakota, Arkansas, Minnesota and New Mexico

darry hansontiffanylynnrickstambaughDear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ: Pictured left to right Darry Hanson, Tiffany Nelson, Lynn Nagorske and Rick Stambaugh
I talked to my cousin Darry Hanson late yesterday afternoon, who now lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Darry has brain cancer and they found another tumor last week. Doctor’s tell him he has 3 to 4 months. We had a great talk, memories of growing up together in Windom, Minnesota. We are the same age. Darry treasures each day, one at a time, spends much time in prayer. He taught me much in our phone conversation about life and death. I know he would appreciate your prayers. We are praying for healing! in Jesus name, Amen! In this talk Darry taught me much about life and death. Darry and I are the same age, going on 58, class of 1974 Windom, Minnesota. He left school early to join the U.S. Air Force as a Medic. Darry hit some hard bumps along the journey of life, like all of us, but he is stronger because of them. Darry is looking death right in the eye, he is prepared for heaven when the Lord call’s him home. Darry’s Dad’s name is Duane, like mine, but my name is spelled Dwayne, back home folks turned Duane it into Dewey and they did the same to my name! This past weekend I got a letter from Pam Nagorske, whose husband Lynn passed away several months ago. I wrote about that here on the CUP. Lynn was also a classmate of mine and Darry’s. Before Lynn passed away he told me, “Keep doing what your doing” Pam stated in her letter the same message, “I pray you will carry on with what you have been doing” I got a letter from my cousin Barb  Caraway Nelson this past week, Barb’s 25 year old daughter Tiffany was killed in a motorcycle accident in August. Barb included letters that were read at Tiffany’s funeral, a tremendous testimony of her life.
Are we all prepared for heaven? Have we forgiven those that we need to?
I share all this with you this morning as to remind us all that we are just one last breath away from heaven.This may be far from what you want to hear this morning……..But Darry is looking death right in the eye, a new tumor growth, Lynn suffered through cancer until his last breath, Tiffany was out for a motorcycle ride until her last breath. The last thing Tiffany did before the crash that took her life, she turned around and gave her sister Rene the peace sign. Tiffany was the passenger on a motorcycle and her sister was on a motorcycle behind her.
All this has impacted my life for Jesus, to continue to share the good news of Jesus, to live a better life, to show God’s grace to all. To shed His light to one person at a time. To be so sensitive to the needs of others. To know and share that most of us taste the pit of hell during our life’s journey, but when we come to the end we meet Jesus, if we make that decision we must all make. 
 It is an extreme Godly honor to share with you all each day. To share the love of our Lord. From Darry Hanson, Lynn Nagorske, and Tiffany Nelson who I have learned much from. Darry has spent most of his life on water…..as a guide….teaching others how to fish or guiding them……he tell’s me the biggest thrill for him is teaching children how to fish, Lynn Nagorske was a banker in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and he helped so many people, from the big guy’s to the little guy’s, Lynn was known as a person who cared for everyone and gave much! He was the banker everyone dreams of!!! Tiffany was studying to be a nurse, she just plain loved life and people. It was shared at her funeral that she lived boldly in sharing that love. I pray that is said of me at my funeral.
As I close today I share with you a email that Pastor Wrenn, who did Tiffany’s funeral, received …..this is just a portion of the letter that was emailed to Pastor Wrenn: This man was at the scene of the tragic accident that claimed Tiffany’s life and he is trained in medical services, he did what he could at the scene. He wrote to the Pastor….. I thought perhaps you could help me tell the family  if the time is ever right, I am so sorry for their loss. I was hoping you could let them know that there are those in our community that are thinking of them in their time of sorrow because I hope knowing that might help comfort them, if only a little. I will always think of Tiffany when I pass that intersection (where the fatal accident occurred)  each year the motorcycle rally comes to town, each time my children drive away, each time I pass by Windom on I-90, and each time I retrain for events I hope never happen. 
Peace be with you, Tiffany’s family, and with Windom.
Michael Engelhart
Custer, SD
What a touching note, what an expression of love, this is a prime example of the Body of Christ coming together in love, from Custer, SD to Windom, Minn. This man took the time to locate the Church and Pastor and the Pastor’s email. This is what I call eternal thinking.
Let us all think ETERNALLY 
The Lord leads me as I write this CUP each day, sometimes He awakes me in the middle of the night, sometimes He gives me dreams, He has stirred me to write this for weeks on death and eternal thinking. 
As I write this my Dear friend Rick Stambaugh is receiving treatment for stage 4 cancer. Saw Rick the other day at church, he is a shining light for Jesus Christ, he is prepared for heaven if the Lord calls Him home. I have learned much from Rick. 
What is the main thing I have learned from Darry, Lynn, Tiffany and Rick? To think eternally. Heaven is a prepared place, be prepared. Love like Jesus, be Christ like in all that we do. Share the love of Jesus with everyone, be prepared for your last breath. 
We can learn much from each other, if we open up our heart, mind and soul.
I close with this………..From Pastor Tim Wren of the American Lutheran Church Windom, Minnesota at Tiffany’s funeral:
So where do we go with all this pain, loss and struggle? it is easy for us to sink into a hole of pain and struggle. We can find ourselves dealing with grief that we are not sure how to work through, and I want to encourage all of you to find a place and a person that you can talk about grief, because we need to share what is inside us. We go to the place that we know there is comfort and peace, we find ourselves before God. Struggling with a concept that we try to put out of our minds but something that we all will face for ourselves.We are able to know and put our faith in this fact that Christ has conquered death and the power that death has over us through the cross and resurrection. 
Let us share this message with all those we encounter.
Heaven is a prepared place, are you and I prepared for Heaven?
For God’s Glory Al;one in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

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  1. Always be ready for that ‘Last Breath’ !!! I have learned not to fear the last breath and I do that by believing and trusting in my Lord !!! I use to wonder how I made it through many a situation in the military which I can only wonder myself – ‘How did I possibly live through that’. While still believing in our Lord at the time, I was not actively following or trusting Him but His plan was not to take me home at that time. Pastor Dewey brought me back (FULLY) into the house of our Lord only months prior to my discovery of my Stage 4 cancer in which doctors state “we’ll try to give you as much time as we can”. This was the Lord’s plan and brought Pastor Dewey into my life in order that I might become closer to Him again. Each day that now goes by, I wake in the morning and praise GOD to be able to kiss my precious wife one more time ! Having the Lord by my side through this process He shows me more and more each day & I fear not the day He calls me home and I rest in peace as I know He will be right by my wife’s (and my family’s) side when I do go home ! —Yeah, thou I walk through the valley of death———- As each day goes by, I am more and more at peace with it all for I simply place it in GOD’s hands and he guides me through each day and as he shows me more and more each day the easier it becomes. Don’t wait for “The Last Breath”!!! Bring HIM back into your life and let Him use you for His will each and every day. The more you do, the more comfortable you will be and fear is a thing of the past. He has already shown me what a beautiful place He will take me when He decides to make the call and it is a wonderful wonderful sight to see !!! I thank Pastor Dewey for bringing me fully back into our Lord’s arms and praise God for what He has and always will provide us if we only follow HIM !!!
    rick stambaugh, U.S. Navy Retired

  2. Randy Thom of Lakefield, Minn wanted to share this with all of us, He messaged me on Facebook:

    Randal Thom
    I would like to share part of my
    life after I lost my brother in a tragic airplane crash on September 21, 1991.
    We had crashed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Placerville California. I was airlifted out by lifeflight and on arrival to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, I came too and asked the lifeflight nurse if my brother Darrell had survived, she squeezed my hand, and said no they were not able to save him.
    My brother Darrell was a very gifted and blessed man, I loved him dearly. I cried out to Jesus and said, why why did you take Darrell, Why God did you allow this to happen, why God did I have to survive??
    As I began my long hard recovery, this thought was the prevailing thought almost every minute. I do believe looking back, God was talking to me and telling me he loved me, but I refused to open my ears. Then came the word that the church our family grew up in, and all of us kids were confirmed in, including my brother Darrell had refused to allow my Mother to have Darrells burial service in the church. I was livid, I was really angry then, I decided I would have nothing absolutely nothing to do with Christians, with God with churches with Jesus. NOTHING..
    Well when I made that declaration on my life, I fully invited the devil to take my hand and lead me down a road of complete and utter destruction. Where was God? He was there, he was loving me, he was giving me my choices, he was pouring grace mercy over me.
    I became severely addicted to cocaine and crack. Nothing mattered to me except the getting and doing the drugs daily. I hated life, I hated myself, daily I wanted to die.
    God put a protective hand around me, and many many times in my addiction he saved me from sure death.
    One day in Minneapolis I was doing a drug buy, the dealers decided to rob me instead. The had a gun and pointed at me, I said, shoot me, I don’t care, I hate life, you will be doing me a favor. The guy pulled the trigger the gun misfired. He then pistol whipped me, and as he was running away, I yelled,, next time bring a gun that works. He stopped turned around and pulled the trigger again, this time the gun fired. Where did the bullet go? Into Jesus hand I believe today.
    I continued to run from God, from his blessings. Finally he allowed me to get arrested for a large amount of cocaine and I was looking at some real serious time in prison.
    I went to my Mothers house and attempted suicide by suffocation. God stepped in and saved me from myself. It was then, I decided, God truly loved me and today I am thankful for his love of me daily.
    So what I am wanting to say with this is ,,,,, If you are tempted to be angry at God when bad things happen to good people, do not do as I did, and run from him. I know first hand that the devil will only lead you to more sadness to more pain to more hurt. Instead, if you are in this situation, Lean into Jesus, His love for you is great, allow that love to comfort.

  3. For the people that are suffering from cancer I don’t know if you’d like to try this but it sure does work for many with cancer even pets.Burdock,Sheep Sorrel,Slippery Elm,Chinese Rhubarb,if you go to the natural food store they may be able to guide you in this. I take Burdock all the time to keep cancer cells away. I lost my sister from cancer had I known sooner she may have beat this my mom and aunts etc. I treated my Cat that had it with the same ingredients and it is 4 years and he is cancer free he is going on 14 years young:)You have nothing to loose and it is not expensive,try keep on it till you go for another blood test after you feel better. I pray in Jesus name you are healed. Thank You Father!

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