Are you hearing God’s call?

Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Today I am going to share with you on Hearing God’s call. But first let me share with you this encouraging note from Leslie Mouser of Albuquerque………….
Brother Dewey,

So enjoyed your cup this morning.  It made me reflect that even in the midst of poor leadership, I need to stand and be the best leader I can be…my failure or success as a leader comes from my relationship with God to avoid those temptations even though we see them from our own Christian brothers & sisters.  It is His strength that allows me to lead in the midst of chaos bringing us closer to His Victory!

When I read your messages, it’s like we are in the cafe again, praying & praising & fellow shipping for  His Kingdom!  Thank you for your refreshing teaching!

Thank you Leslie, God Bless you and yours forever and ever. i share this today top speak encouragement into your life. I write about speaking the life of Jesus into each other at today. Please click on The Quote of the Day and The Word of the Day. They are full of God given inspiration. When we speak the life of Jesus into each other, it inspires people, and their light shines brighter for Jesus.
Last night I was very tied and went to bed early………I had the door open to the outside in the bedroom for the breeze…….I heard a young man yelling and whistling for his dog. I could not tell what the name of the dog was..but you could tell that the whistle was for the sound of the dog to come and it was a whistle that he had sounded many times in calling his beloved dog. The man  sounded to be in his 30’s, being in radio you can tell these things without seeing the person, he went on and on calling for his dog, I do not know if the dog came home.
During this time of the man whistling and shouting for his dog, the Lord put it right smack in my mind, heart and soul, Dewey, help my people here My call. Right there, the Lord handed me my assignment as I was praying that the man would find his dog.
Have you ever lost your dog? About a month ago, in one of my senior moments I left the back gate open and Reno went missing! I panicked! I ran around the neighborhood until the Postal worker said, “He went that away!” I called and called and he came into my arms, that is awesome for a beagle as they pick up a scent and holy cow batman their off to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
Is God calling you right now? Do you hear God calling you/ Are you in the spot where God wants you? Is God calling you to be at a certain place today?
God may be shouting and whistling at you and your not hearing him!
 Are you hearing the call of God? Do you hear God speak to you constantly? I have to tell you that I will preach this until I die..God speaks to us, we just have to have that close personal relationship with Him to hear Him. God sends His messenger the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and deliver messages to us from God.
I don’t think there is anything more important than our personal relationship with God and hearing his second by second instructions for us. This is my testimony to you this day and all my remaining days. if I can help you please contact me.
You see, God is saying right now to me that the greatest medicine in the universe is our relationship with Him. It is not constant counseling and drugs to cope in this life, it is God. And I speak this in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I had a man call me the other day and thank me for getting him back into the Church. More importantly a relationship with God. This man hears from God, because He has set his eyes on God.
I have learned not to do anything without God telling me to do so, now I fail at times, but I keep seeking the Lord constantly in my daily walk with Him.
We get into so much trouble in our families, churches, work place, etc.when we say and do things we should not.
Let me share with you this sermon by Pastor Richard Anderson of the Capistrano Community Church………This fits into just what I have been preaching on today…………
You may not be familiar with his name, but you all are familiar with his accomplishment. Kemmons Wilson started working when he was just a boy of seven years old selling magazines. As a teenager he first worked for a cotton broker and then for a variety of different businesses. Kemmons was an ordinary man but he had a vision. In the early 1950’s he took his wife and five children on a road trip from Memphis to Washington DC. The trip was not too far, only about 900 miles, but it required a couple of night’s stay between the two cities. Motels had sprung up all over the country since the 1920’s. Some were nice family places; others looked good on the outside but were terrible on the inside. The problem was the traveler didn’t know which he would find. This bothered Mr. Wilson. When he returned to Memphis after their trip he hired a draftsman to design his first hotel. He wanted it to be clean, simple and predictable and he wanted his hotel to have the things his family wanted; a clean room, a television and a pool at every inn. The next year he opened his first hotel on the outskirts of Memphis. Out front on a sign fifty-three feet tall flashed its name: “Holiday Inn.” By 1959 there were 100 hotels, ten years later there were over 1,000, and by 1972 a Holiday Inn opened somewhere in the world every seventy-two hours. Do you have a dream?

So what is God calling you to do right now? Not for your life, not your entire purpose for living, but what is God asking you to do today, this week, this year? I have been giving a lot of thought to God’s call for our church today and for our future. Last week we celebrated our 9th Anniversary as a church and we looked back over the past 108 months with thankfulness. We talked about our beginnings; we celebrated all of the births, baptisms and weddings. We remembered the formation of our small group ministries and we reflected on all we have endured along the way. Every change has brought new opportunities and blessings, every single one! We do cherish our past, but more importantly we embrace our future as well. We are now stepping into our 10th year together, thanking God for bringing us to here and now, to this place and to this time. So today, I want us to look forward to see what God may have in store for us. Ken Solomon once said, and I hold this to be true; “When man plans, God laughs.” I do believe God has a plan for our church and it is up to each of us to determine exactly what His plan is may be. God wants us all to look forward, to plan and keep moving forward.

This is vision stuff. Our church is and should be full of people who love to come together to worship and praise God. Full of people who love God, who are seeking His wisdom for their lives, and apply it to daily things. Not monumental, not newsworthy, actually just ordinary. Our church should be full of people inviting their neighbors and friends to participate in a celebration every Sunday, where small group ministries come together and where we may encounter someone, even a visitor for the very first time. And if we are this kind of church, God is working in our everyday lives. The evidence will prove it to be true. Yes, we will be reaching out to others, sharing that what we believe can make a difference in people’s lives. I believe church should be a place where we can come in to worship.

For God’s Glory Alone In the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and family
Please pray for Sharon, she has a speaking engagement this morning! 
happy Birthday to my Sister Deb today! She is a shining example of what it means to shine your light for Jesus!, In being a Sister, Wife, Mother, and Grand Mother. Amen! We love you Deb.

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