Exceptional Work for GOD


My Pastor, My Friend, My Brother – Pastor Dewey Moede,
It is with the highest of honor that I write concerning your more
than exceptional work for GOD in the direction of “For GOD’S Glory Alone

You have affected the lives of so many human beings in the most
positive manner by bringing our LORD back into our lives or by
reaffirming GOD’S love for us ALL and pressing “ASK JESUS” as a daily
need for us all.

Having only met you less than a year ago, I find it
incomprehensible how much you have affected the lives of me and the
members of my family. By simply saying “GOD BLESS YOU” at the counter
of the store I managed when I first met you my life has changed in so
many ways.

Rick Stambaugh
Rick Stambaugh & Suzy-Q


You helped me through three major losses in my life in only a
matter of a few months. First, the sudden and unexpected loss of my
brother in Dallas. Immediately following that, the loss of my beloved
little girl Suzy-Q, (for those who don’t know – she was a most precious
little cocker spaniel mix who blessed my life for 12 wonderful years and
truly was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl”). Within only another month or so, you
greatly helped me through the loss of my employment and helped me
understand the LORD’S WILL. As you stated at the time – GOD has closed
a window so that I might open a door. A truer statement could not have
been made! You have also been a great help dealing with personal
issues/conflicts I’ve had for years in my dealing with the results of 22
years in the Navy having been through 2 tours of Vietnam, Grenada,
Panama & the first gulf war (Desert Storm), not to mention several other

You brought the LORD back into the lives of me and my most precious
wife Sandy. You directed us wisely in the choice of a wonderful church
which we now attend on a constant basis. I have been able to better
appreciate my wife and family. I have been able to overcome a major
personal conflict with my son-in-law who I hadn’t spoken to for close to
8 years, other than in a negative manner. In less than a month of
re-establishing this relationship, he and our daughter along with their
two wonderful children attend our new church on a regular basis as
well. Without a word spoken of the past, we invited him back into our
home where their family can reside beside us until they can afford to
establish a residence/home of their own. (Just yesterday, he came to me
and thanked me profusely for my outreach and stated “Your more of a
father to me than I’ve ever had before”. My heart obviously swelled! I
simply responded “Thank & Praise GOD, HE is the responsible party.” We
both immediately knelt beside each other and prayed! While I have been
unsuccessful in my search for employment I was concerned and confused if
my asking GOD’S help in prayer finding a job was greedy or not, you
provided me the direction and helped me form the words I should use in
prayer. I immediately gave that prayer on a daily basis and in a little
over a week later I received a call for an interview. Within two days
after that I was offered, and have accepted, a job and started work this
last Monday. Not only is it not ‘just a job’, it’s a part time position
which is what I need and it fits my situation in which I can not stand
for long periods of time due to my disabilities. In addition, I was
able to negotiate Sundays off so I may continue attending services each
week and also allows me time off to attend our monthly prayer breakfast.

Rick Stambaugh with Buffy and Reno
Rick Stambaugh with Buffy and Reno

Following your lead, every time I check out at a store I thank the
assistant and say “GOD BLESS YOU” ! The looks of wonder, thanks and
appreciation are astonishing !!!

I pray for you and your ministry each and every day. The world is
a better place for having a Pastor Dewey Moede !!!!!! I pray for your
continued success in GOD’S work !!!

Rick Stambaugh
United States Navy Retired