I am still in mourning about this……..

Pastor Tony Evans’ ‘sin’ confession stuns Christian community, sparks questions and prayers

So very sad………..

Baptist Press

By BP Staff, posted June 10, 2024 in National News

DALLAS (BP) – In a statement posted on the Oak Cliff Bible Church website, church leaders have announced that Senior Pastor Tony Evans has stepped away from his staff role at the church due to falling “short of the high standards of [S]cripture.” Leaders say the “difficult decision” was made with tremendous prayer and after multiple meetings with Evans and church elders.

“The elder board is obligated to govern the church in accordance with the [S]criptures,” said a statement on the church’s website. “Dr. Evans and the elders agree that when any elder or pastor falls short of the high standards of scripture, the elders are responsible for providing accountability and maintaining integrity in the church.”

Evans, who has served at the church for 48 years, wrote a letter to members stating the reason for the decision happened “a number of years ago.”

“While I have committed no crime, I did not use righteous judgment in my actions,” he wrote. “In light of this, I am stepping away from my pastoral duties and am submitting to a healing and restoration process established by the elders. This will afford me a needed time of spiritual recovery and healing. More Here


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