When will the world deal with Putin? He is the biggest threat to the world, the devil’s pawn he is. All those sanctions that Biden and his buddies (WEAK NATO MEMBERS) put on Putin sure have not had an effect on the mad man Putin.

“Devils pawn” can refer to a person or organization that could destroy the saints, as described in Bible. The Bible also refers to the “beast” or “devil’s pawn” as someone who will claim to be God before God’s final return, and who has the spirit of antichrist, which means denying Christ. I am just trying to state that Putin does not have JESUS, he has the devil in his mind and heart. Very, very tough case.

My style of preaching and news reporting does not fit the American society.  That’s what happens to an old Christian and news reporter. I always say, I AM NOT OF THIS WORLD! GLORY! Putin is of the devil. He stands for the devil.

We all must resist the devil at all times. The devil is devouring many in America.  Even so-called Christians are falling into sex abuse, pornography and other ugly things. Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. I SEE THE RESULTS! DO YOU? 46% of U.S. adults are unchurched.

Many in America believe what I think is evil, is okay. This breaks my heart!

Voice of America reports:

In his nightly video address on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy again made a plea for the immediate arrival of weapons as his country continues its battle to beat back Russia.

While some countries, including the U.S., have promised weapons and other military equipment, their arrival in Ukraine has been slow. Zelenskyy, who met with his defense officials earlier in the day, said it is imperative that countries supporting Ukraine understand “the means of destruction that are needed at the front right now, in these weeks, not sometime in the summer.”

Meanwhile, Russia has begun “practical training in the preparation and use of nonstrategic nuclear weapons,” its Defense Ministry said Tuesday. More Here

WARNING!  The U.S. Army is slashing the size of its force by about 24,000, or almost 5%, and restructuring to be better able to fight the next major war, as the service struggles with recruiting shortfalls that made it impossible to bring in enough soldiers to fill all the jobs. AP Feb 27, 2024 More Here

America is not prepared for WW III, even though it’s facing us head on. The majority of Americans do not have the will to fight. We are a mess. The country is divided by evil politics. Both parties stink as far as I am concerned. We have not has a good leader since Reagan. Our military is suffering from poor recruiting. I met an official of U.S. Army a while back and he said, “most young people do not want to fight for their country.” I would suspect that most do not trust the government.  I agree.  It is so full of the devil – both the DEMS and GOP!

Politics is the playground of Satan! You are blind if you do not see this evil playing out all over our country. JESUS is the only answer.

It is getting late…very dark…

Watchman On The Wall, Pastor Dewey Moede

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